Indu Awasthi: Versatile and Hungry to Unlearn and Learn

People around Indu Awasthi describe her a protagonist for feminism. She always prefers stating and making her statement which she feels right about. This is her first authored book. Here’s more about her in conversation with Writersmelon.

Who are you and why do you write?

I’m a banker by profession. Being a Private Banker is a challenge in itself. But in this challenge also, I manage to find time for writing. I feel blessed to have my IIM Bangalore batch mates and clients who keep inspiring and flooding me with different stories.

Being single, I have always been on a move across globally. Although this movement is mostly because of my work and studies, but this has helped me in meeting and experiencing different sets of people and environments. From my busy schedules of studies and work, I somehow squeezed time to write this book. This attribute has been learned during my IIM tenure. My fundamental in life is optimal utilisation of 24 hours and to keep myself so busy that my mind is never left empty to think about anything devilish.

I’m always ready to stand against the odds and the incorrect. My first attempt is definitely not the first dream that I have just dreamt off and woken up to fulfil. I used to write since childhood but they could never see the light of the day. But suddenly that long lost dream shook me up and compelled me to bring them to the world.


Preksha, a small-town girl from a conservative North Indian family had a broken marriage. She was searching for the meaning of life and love. After getting transferred to a new city, she expected life and love from that city. Did she finally find what she was looking for? Did she know what she was looking for? Arjun, a South Indian young blood in her organization met Preksha. Was this Preksha’s yet to be found love? Did this meeting help her find the meaning of life? Did these two ends meet (South and North)? Did her life rewind the way she wanted it to be?

This book is entirely fictional, and the characters are also fictional. The story of this book has completely been plotted in my mind. The seed of this story was sown when I was working in Hyderabad. Only the name of the character emerged in my mind one day and while I was busy with my corporate life and studies, my mind, hands and diary were busy helping me write the key contents and plotting of this book.

Who are your sources of inspiration?

I have several strong women around in my life in form of true friends and I take inspiration from these strong women. My parents are the other source of inspiration, while my Alma Mater and writers like Amish Tripathi and Ravi Subramanian are my role models.

The biggest inspiration in my life is the combination of SHIVA and SHAKTI. I’m a huge devotee of this combination and I also have tattoo depicting the same. Through these tattoos, I keep this strength nearer to my soul, body and mind.

What are you working on next?

I have a plot for the next novel as well and have started to work on the same. It would obviously take time to finish writing. This book, like the first one, would also be depicting the inner endless power of SHAKTI in a woman that lies within everyone in this world. 

Author(s): Indu Awasthi
Publisher: Notion Press
Release: December 2018
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary
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