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Who is Udai Yadla?

a-walk-in-the-rain1Well, I am a simple guy with extraordinary dreams. Dreams that could make you laugh, but make me strive harder. I don’t hesitate to dream big. Dreams are the blueprint to our destiny. I believe that all those who achieved great success started from ground zero. Had they not believed that they could make it big, they would have stayed at ground zero. All that makes difference to your life is belief. If you believe, you can – you can. If you don’t – you can’t.

I had been nominated for the Forbes India Celebrity list 2015. My journey of thousand miles has just started with my first step. And I’m proud of my first step. My journey is beautiful, but not easy. I had a lot of challenges, but I’m lucky that I had a family that made my life easy.

What made you write this book?

Writing was always there in the back of my mind. I always wanted to write a book. Whilst this I had been thinking about a very close friend of mine during primary school who parted with me abruptly. I wondered how her memories, after decades, remained fresh as a flower. I wanted to explore the depth of friendship and love against the most difficult times, which inspired me to write this book.

About the book

‘A Walk in The Rain is basically a romance book, which is also a thrill ride. The book is about love that does not perish with time. It shows how love withstands the test of time and fate. The first half of the book gives you an experience of breezy love story, but the second half takes you to the edge of your seat.

What do you think readers will love about the book?

The intellectual readers will like the mind games between the protagonist and the antagonist. The romantics will like the emotional encounters between the lead characters. The adventure lovers will like the chase for the killer. The book is a delicious mix of various emotions in a tight plot.

Do you have a writing schedule? How do you deal with writer’s block?

I do not have any particular pattern for work. I make use of all the free minutes I have outside my hectic day job. And I do not get much worked up with the writer’s block. I take things easy. That’s how I deal with it.

A little about your body of work

I have finished my second book which is a collection of short stories. My third book which is a psychological thriller is almost 40% complete. I intend to complete it in another 8 months. I always want my readers to see images instead of words. I wanted to transfer my imagination into the readers’ mind as it exists in mine. I believe that my style of writing achieves that to some extent.

Your advice to aspiring authors

On Writing – Yes, of course. Writing nowadays has become a business. There is nothing wrong in making money out of writing. But if you count the money as you write, you are getting nowhere.

My suggestion is – don’t write what people read. Write what you want to write. Write from your heart.

Give freedom to your heart to choose what it wants to write, because that is when creativity is at its best. Never get discouraged by your first attempt. Perfection is nothing without persistent attempts to improve.

On Publishing – I would like to ask the authors to be prepared for numerous rejections because all good books won’t get a red carpet reception at once. Disappointments are inevitable, but let your love for writing drive your journey. Because love is the greatest motivator.

On marketing – My advice is to put your heart and soul in promoting your book. A bad book with good marketing does better than a good book with bad marketing.

Udai’s favourite books and authors

I take utmost care not to let my style get influenced. But I’m always a fan of Dan Brown for his elaborate research before every book he writes. Digital Fortress by Dan Brown is particularly my favourite. I also like Amish Tripathi and Ashwin Sanghi as they believe in what they write.

Author: Udai Yadla
Publisher: Kyron Publications
Release: 2016
Genre: Fiction / Adventure
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About the author:

Udai, an IT consultant by profession, is an avid writer and poet. Having good imagination skills, writing became a natural choice for him. Many of his poems and stories were published in school and college magazines. He is currently working on his untitled second book which is a crime thriller.

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