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I live in a make-believe world filled with books.

The introvert in me, loves the security that books offer. I have always loved the journeys a book can take me on. As a child, I often created imaginary worlds feature the characters of the book I recently read and me continuing the story where the author had stopped.

Writing was I think a natural progression.

I started writing to silence those crazy voices inside my head. They demanded an outlet and I obliged. I continue to write for the same. I write my emotions and it keeps me (and the others around me) mostly sane. Most of what I write, ends up in the trash but I keep trying.

As a writer, my biggest hurdle is persistence.

I abandon projects easily and need constant prodding to keep going. I rely on friends who double as cheerleaders to keep me going. I also spend a lot of time battling self-doubt and questioning the voices in my head.

I try to read a variety of authors and genres.

I love modern literary fiction. I admire authors who give life to the emotional journey of a character with ease. My preferred reads change with time but lately I have been reading a lot of books recommended by my 7-year old. Powerful heroines who discover life and themselves in the process are my favorite.

Colors – The story I wrote for Jukebox 

Many years ago, my artist friend send me a picture he had drawn of his wife. I was impressed. I have zero artistic (drawing and painting) skills. Drawing a stick figure is the extend of my drawing skills. My friend’s grandiose gesture stayed with me and it was the inspiration behind my short story, Colours.

In Colours, I try to showcase the emotions of a new father, something that is often overlooked. Becoming a parent is a roller coaster of emotions and changes. It is the beginning of a new identity. The protagonist and artist in my story, tries to soothe his newborn and finds himself taking a journey back in time.

I haven’t written many short stories. Colours was my first and I found the writing hard. Trying to fit in what I know of the “rules” of writing and let the voices in my head create their own journey within a set word limit took time. But I am glad I persisted.

I hope you enjoy Colours and always remember to cheer and encourage a writer! We need it!

 About the author : A freelance writer, blogger and environmental engineer. Her writings explore relationships and familial ties. She enjoys traveling, dancing, social media interactions and cozying up with a book. She splits her time between Chennai and Houston.

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