I got published. What next?

Well, sit back, relax and enjoy! Why, you are published, right?

Oh, how I wish it was that simple. But alas, this happens only in movies where the character ‘s book is an instant hit, overnight best seller and ending up all the way as the Booker!

In real life though, it is a little different.

From my own experience I can say that once only the printing of the book was left, I did the terrible mistake of thinking that, ‘the rest will be taken care of’. Who would do that and what the ‘taking care’ would consist of, I had no clue. Until I chanced upon the idea of visiting a few book stores to visualize my own one being in there !

In every shop that I went to, I was greeted by stacks of book all claiming to be number one and a best seller. Forget visualizing my book amongst these, I started to wonder if I even deserved to have the book published in the first place. I was that shaken.

However, steadying myself with an ice tea, I reached home and after a refreshing sleep, set to work on finding out the ‘rest’ that I would need to take care of.

I began by checking out what others were doing, which made for a good beginning of efforts. But not being a great fan of marketing and being a little picky, I discarded a few ideas. However, one point had clearly been driven home hard on me, that-

I need to put out the word about the book.
I need to tell the world that it exists.
I need to tell them what it is about without giving away much.
I need to get them to buy it and like it too
I need the book to get a good performance so that the publisher is happy.
I need the publisher to be happy so that I can get to write more.
I am the only person in the best position to ensure that all of this is done.

Now, that certainly does not mean that I can achieve it all as a one man show!
Of course, I need help. I can only strategize but to implement it, I need to get the help of the professionals.

There are reviewers, word of mouth putters, general endorsers, contest runners, interviews etc by an large. If you have a big budget , you can go all out on them. Or, if you are like me, a little picky about who and how these are going to be done, then you will have slower but satisfying results.

It will not be an easy process. Of the many dozen mails that I have sent out in the last 2 months, only a handful were replied to and from them I found only 2-3 worth pursuing and working with. But, since I had a strategy in place, I am able to check whether I am getting there or not. So far, I have been.

But, I am only a 3 month of debut writer and so my journey still continues.

Now that I am done with the first round, I am putting a round two plan of action. And thanks to my experience on the round one, I am more sound on this business of finding what happens next after being published.

—- By Ambalika Bhattacharya
Armed with degrees in engineering and communication as well as having worked in many well known institutions, she has seen quite a bit and learned quite a lot. 

Author of the book “In Focus ” You Adored, Me Ignored “
A mentorship series on writing effectively and beautifully. This is the 7th post & you 
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  1. I Have seen many articles describing "How To Get Published", but this is one of its kind that I came across. Very informative.. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom here.

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