“As long as I am writing, I am on the verge of a homecoming” – Ashutosh Gupta


I come from a very protective and cohesive family, which makes it susceptible to orthodoxy and unreceptive to rebellious expressions. So, during my adolescent days, any kind of self-expression never really flourished. There was no exposure to literature or a cinematic brilliance to take me beyond the walls of orthodoxy, and it had to do with my ignorance more than anything else.

Being an ‘introvertish rebel’, it didn’t help my cause either. As far as I remember, playing intensive cricket, mimicry, and imitating musical tunes on an old keyboard of mine were my sources to experience an emotional stimulation, and the rest of my time was consumed being a uni-dimensional academic chap. My college life was a rather beautiful convergence of eccentric personalities. I got thoroughly exposed to classic American Cinema, and it was extremely cathartic for me. Movies like Serpico, Taxi Driver, and Schindler’s list vindicated the rebellious streak and compassion that I withheld for a long time.

My foray into writing

Just like any other budding writer or thinker, in its infancy, my writing revolved only around metaphors and being overly creative. I didn’t focus much on the evolution of my thought process and my spectrum was limited, until I came across the work of Franz Kafka. The beauty he extracted from melancholy opened the floodgates within me, and I embraced my own melancholy. This changed me as a person and as a writer.

I realized that writing is not about scribbling just for the sake of it, but there is a whole personality type which one has to live with, having its own merits and demerits. Writing sustains the hope of universe to realize the magical chemistry of intellect, imagination, and emotions, without any favoritism for one in particular.

I feel that timeless writing must make way for the sustenance of a gentle arrogance. As far as I am concerned, both my dynamism and stagnancy rest in writing and so is the freedom and patience that comes respectively with these states. I believe writing is not as natural as people think it is, and it’s more than spilling one’s raw emotions. I let my expressions pass through filters and try to sculpt them so that my subsequent expressions enchant each other. For me, conceiving a new idea is like playing a new character in a play. I have a stack of emotions, and I pick one particular emotion which is blended with the memories pertaining to the subject I want to talk about.

I would advise the budding authors and writers to converge their efforts to pay tribute to the sanctity of this craft and not fall for the temptations of an ephemeral fame

About the book

Over a span of seven years, my writing is the only thing that holds the definitions of my existential hues. The book : ‘Equations of a Being: A being who gathered moss’ is a raw and a fervent reflection of this continuity. The book is about unraveling a being who is not a rolling stone but someone who relishes those intermittent pauses and gathers moss. It’s about the coming together of all those vulnerable and invincible fragments of existence.

I have tried to weave together the abstract, physical, and somewhat spiritual attributes of life, which comprehensively cover the crests and troughs that a being goes through. I have revealed my realizations that I gathered either out of my solitary indulgence with life or out of my interactions and conversations with the living. As the title suggests, each piece of thought resembles an equation, a leaf out of my book or a strand of my existence, through which readers will reach the periphery and eventually to the core of a being.

About the Author : Ashutosh Gupta started writing in his late teens, as the urge to pen down his abstract reflections began overwhelming him. He has graduated his Bachelors of Technology; however, writing has always been his driving force. He primarily writes thought pieces pertaining to the existential spectrum. He has written a short e-book The Constituents of Virtue, which has garnered reasonable acclaim. Influenced by the works of Franz Kafka and Leo Tolstoy, Metamorphosis is one book he wishes he had written. With Equations of a Being, he takes his first strides as a full-fledged author and hopes to leave an undeniable mark on each and every psyche. He currently works with a Multi-National Corporation (MNC) and lives in Ghaziabad, his residence for the past twenty years. Apart from writing, he has a penchant for music, cooking, and mimicry.

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