Heart Between The Pages

Heart Between The Pages

What is the difference between a good book, a book you love and a favourite book? A good book is probably the one which you read and like but won’t return to again, a favourite book is the one which will always be in your list to read again, to recommend someone and to keep it with you like a priced possession. Now, the book you love is the one which makes you fall for it and is forever etched in your heart, no matter you read it once or keep returning. The feeling is similar to what it is when you are in love with a bond, a connection being formed, a relationship you’d like to always kindle.

There was a very interesting quote from John Green on the cover page of the last book that I read, it said – the book will make you fall in love with it. This article is inspired from this same vision of falling in love, but with a book. Hard core readers have a tendency to pick up books back to back because it makes them restless if they aren’t reading one.  And in this marathon of reading, it so happens that not all books seem to impress and then there is this certain book which strike the chords so apt that it feels like falling in love. I am sure every avid reader must have faced this at least once. And who says there aren’t any heart breaks in this? If it’s love, you are bound to experience both the feelings.

As a kid, I have always loved reading, all thanks to my mom who wanted me to develop this as a hobby which with time turned into passion. In the process of growing up and reading I remember Enid Blyton being my most favourite author, but the memory of my favourite book is blurred. It was only in college and after graduation that I fell in love and broke my heart a couple of times. To start with, I was in love with The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, I loved this bloke – Howard Roark. The book reveals so much about human traits through its characters that at one point of time in your life you’d be that each character which Ayn Rand made up. I found my true love in Harper Lee’s – To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman. She is my most favourite author for life. Her writing and vision to create a wonderful book sings along when you read her. I was heartbroken of the fact that I would never read her again when the news of her demise darkened the world of readers and her fans.

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger is a book which is like a lifetime partner. You never feel like stopping to love it and each time you read it, you love it more. Holden Caufield is a figure to remember. His conversations in the book might seem ‘phoney’ but I have never come across something with meanings just as deep a message to deliver promptly. And, my last love which I read a couple of months back was John Green’s Looking for Alaska. I never thought I would pick up a John Green book and it would make me like it so much. Frankly, I could never understand why it had such intense reactions over me; may be because of a very simple story with life’s biggest emotions sprinkled with life lessons too and making so much sense! Most recently, I have had a crush on the Murakami stories. They are so mind-boggling and yet so intricately drafted that each story appears to be a masterpiece. His Kafka on the Shore is in my to-be-read list now.

Talking about heartbreaks now, The Shiva trilogy by Amish had broken my heart immensely. I was in awe of both Amish and his portrayal of Lord Shiva in the first two parts but, my heart cracked when I completed The Oath of the Vayuputras. With the magnificent start that it had,I had really hoped for a better ending, but towards the end, the graph just started dipping. I am clinging to my hopes now for the sequel of the Scion of Ikshvaku.

So now we know, when we read we form a relationship with the book we are reading, or the one we complete. Some irritate us, agitate us, bore us out or make us fall in love instantly or slowly. But like love and relationships, they too end up influencing our lives tremendously.

This article is a hint towards picking up some really good books to read and explore them on your own. So, what are you waiting for – Go, get BOOK-ed!

Written by: Nupur Lakhe


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