Graffiti — By Joanie Pariera

Sprawled across USA and India, this story is about three twenty-somethings who land up in different situations that will crack you up.

It’s a novel of, by and for young people – their dreams, relationships and love.

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From the Blurb:

25 e books available for review !
25 e books available for review !

Rene thinks all her dreams mean something…well, maybe they do. Vipin thinks his life is over ever since his wife died in a car accident…well, maybe it is. Upasana thinks she has it all figured out. But does she really?

You put the three twenty somethings together, and it results in some absurd and hilarious situations, which the characters themselves believe are truly dramatic.

And then there’s Mark – A man very much in love with Rene. A man who’s perhaps secretly writing a code book on ‘how to win in love’.
If you’re not living this life, you’re watching it happen to someone else and punching a wall somewhere going, “balls!”

Set in India and the USA, ‘Graffiti’, lampoons a range of social issues, all tightly packed into some highly entertaining fiction. It is a novel about relationships. It’s about that beautiful puzzle on the wall…an ever changing puzzle called life.

About the Author:

joanieJoanie Pariera (Pen Name), has apparently been thinking about writing fiction since the time she learned to say the word ‘pencil’. It came to be, that that was the first word her parents taught her to say. According to them she then made up her own word for it just to watch them squirm.
She likes to think she is a master of many things including making up words. To start with she has two masters degrees. She cooks, keeps house, codes and programs, and until recently used to write specifications for Information Systems for a living. Having travelled extensively, she has self-assimilated the cultural nuances of various unsuspecting anthropological groups and stealthily continues to put down her impressions in her writing.

Author: Joanie Perreira
Publisher: Author House
Release: January 2013
Genre: Fiction / Romance
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