Graffiti — By Joanie Pariera


It is 2006 in Denver, USA and Vipin lies in his home completely depressed and in grief. Remorseful he can’t get over the fact that he has lost his beloved wife in an accident. To top it all, he was the lone miraculous survivor of the fate. Friends and family tried to being him solace but that could not really help him to move on.

Moving to Bangalore in the same year, the author introduces us to a young beautiful girl Rene who is depressed because of her break-up. Though it has happened three years ago but it’s difficult for Rene to move on. She is yet to find the actual reason why her boyfriend left her mid-way all of a sudden. Then she gets the shock of her life when she comes to know that her boyfriend Agni is gay.

Joanie PareiraSomehow the two protagonists meet and become friends forever. They decide to be in touch even when Rene comes back to India.

Also, there are other characters like Mark, Upasana aka Upi, Hari and Kunal. The author has tried her best to entwine all the characters’ life together. There are various other characters introduced in the middle of the story.

The story deals about different human emotions. It talks about relationships. A heartbroken girlfriend, a depressed and guilt-ridden husband and some other characters revolving round them. The author has tried to present us the different emotions in Graffiti form that’s why the name of the novel. Just like a Graffiti picture which have many small drawings scribbled together in a space or wall the author tries to connect different feelings together. Though, in the end, she has tried to connect the plot with a painting in Vipin’s house.

The feelings and emotions of both Rene and Vipin are explained with utmost honesty. Hats off to the author, she has done a great job and the reader can very well relate to the feeling that the two protagonists are going through.

Life is not as simple as it seems. At every moment it offers something new. Will the two protagonists be able to get the enlightenment of their life?

The books talks about the complexity of life. It touches almost all emotions and sentiments like love, desire, happiness, sorrow, lust and much more. The crux of the story is life is all about to move on. There is no point hanging or clinging the past. The bitter truth of attachment and the brutal honesty when one come across the truth of a connection.

The author has done quite a bit explaining the human nature but the story becomes a bit confusing mid-way by introduction of too many characters. Also, the switch to two different locations almost alternately makes it a bit confusing. I felt Graffiti is a good read; it’s funny yet complex but explains all the life incidents in a nice, amusing way.

The book starts with description of a harrowing accident and just when you start feeling sorry the story takes a turn to something quirky and humorous.

I was not so comfortable was the narration style. The editing could have been better. Nevertheless, Graffiti forms a quick, funny read. But it’s definitely not a light read.

It is a modern book dealing with everything that comprises the modern society.

Author: Joanie Perreira
Publisher: Author House
Release: January 2013
Genre: Fiction / Romance
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