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Who is Gangadhar Krishna?

I started in the travel industry, working with few travel agencies and finally landed up with Air Canada. Looking back and connecting the dots, it was here the seeds of my book were sown.

In 1990, with the closure of the airlines operation, I moved to UAE, to take up a job in retail banking. I started handling auto-loans, something different from airline reservations and ticketing.

Later, beckoning from relatives in Australia resulted in me filing papers and finally landing in Sydney in September 1997. The Australian adventure can be summed up with ‘We went, We saw, We didn’t wish to conquer’. In spite of cracking a job with a division of TNT Australia, personal circumstances brought me back to UAE.

After five gruelling months, circumstances again forced me to join an elevator company in their credit department.  While I abhorred accounts and loved the travel industry, here I was, looking up invoices, contracts, handling collections and reconciling accounts.

With a kaleidoscopic career, serving customers in a multitude of industries such as travel, airlines, retail banking, courier services and credit management, spanning different countries as India, Australia and United Arab Emirates, I was exhausted and left wondering ‘Where am I heading?’ ‘Where do I belong? ‘What are my qualifications?’  ‘What can I say are my strengths?’ I was lost, tired and just existing.

Well, I suppose it is such a state that either gets you down the dumps or, lifts you to do something about it. Providence helped me choose the latter, and deep introspection and a state of restlessness helped pave way for destiny to unfold.

The turning point

Challenges are opportunities in disguise. 

Only when you meet it, will you know its true phase.

Every journey starts with that first step!

After much soul searching, I realised that serving customers was common, and the key for any business to grow in a healthy way is to keep those customers happy.

My first steps were those anxious moments while penning my beliefs on customer service and urging the newspapers to print them. Managing to open doors, fervour led to the launch of my personal portal www.delightingcustomers.com. Studying the gurus in service delivery, led to contemplation and research gave birth to my theory in service excellence. The theory ‘SERVICE IS A P A C T’ was soon awarded copyrights from the UAE Ministry of Economy and covered under the Indian copyright law.

Keen observation, interesting experiences and contemplation during this journey resulted in the concept of a book. A book, I dreamt to be totally different from the rest. A book, that would convey my belief in ‘SALES HEAPS BUT SERVICE REAPS’ … but in a fun way.

After 3 challenging yet, invigorating years the book was finally published. Being a novice and not in a position to do my own printing, publishing and marketing I decided to go the e-book way. It was finally out on Amazon in Jan 2015 and later in bookshops.

‘Delighting Customers Is…’

‘Delighting Customers Is…’ comes as a breath of fresh air. It is a collection of well-researched one-liners that delve into the philosophy of customer service using 202 thought provoking illustrations. For, behind every illustration that seems light banter, there is a serious message hidden in ‘WoW’ing your customer. The book can be used as a 10-minute guide or a lifetime of wisdom towards better customer service. 

Creative versions of this unique book

This unique illustrative business book now has two creative feathers to its cap. It comes as a tabletop tent, where an illustration features on each page and can be flipped everyday. It also comes as a weekly calendar for 2017. These formats have proved to be powerful learning tools to complement any organisation’s customer service beliefs and programs. It can also be customised with the organisation’s name and logo. Now delighting customers will ‘neither be out of sight, nor out of mind’!

Lessons from creating ‘Delighting Customers Is…’

Every individual on the phase of this planet has something special in him. Soul search and when you find the answer, start and move ahead with sincerity, and you will find the path unfolding and showing the way forward for yourself and society.

Author(s): Gangadhar Krishna
Publisher: Gangadhar Krishna
Release: January 2015
Genre: Non Fiction/Business
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