Ganga By Anuja Chandramouli Makes You Fall in Love With The Goddess

What the book holds

I know Ganga as a river. When I watched the Mahabharata series, I came to know Ganga as Bheeshma’s mother. I never knew Ganga as a person, or as a goddess. Anuja Chandramouli ultimately brought the best of Ganga in this book.

Ganga, born to Himavan and Mena, is a freewill girl who is wanderlust by nature. Mena, who is annoyed by the mischievious nature of Ganga, often reminds her to be on her stature. Ganga’s saviour is always her father who believes in her composure and compassion. Shakthi, Ganga’s sister, is equally annoyed like Mena but knows that her life would be complete only with Ganga being on her side.

But, who is the real Ganga? Why is everyone’s life so dependent on her? What role does she play in the history of mythology? Is she just a feminine God?

Come and fall in love with this constant goddess Ganga by reading this epic novel.

My Take On The Story

Ganga is conscious about what she is doing and what she is capable of. A soul who is pure at heart where the Gods and life challenge and expect her to sacrifice herself for the good of mankind and nature. A Goddess who is angry at what the Gods expect from her but still never disappoints them. Because she knows what she is destined for. She didn’t take the role of being the mother as she is the mother of all mothers. Sinners have no idea that they are being washed away by the current of her anger and also saved by the grip of this constant goddess’s love.

In front of Ganga’s power other Gods seemed invisible. Anuja made everyone to look small and arose Ganga to the height of Himavan. I liked the bitterness in the nature of Gods. Anuja didn’t treat the Gods as “Gods”, in fact. In the name of mankind, the Great highness acted cunningly too. Ganga had the empathy in her which the other Gods lacked.

This book is all about Ganga. You will not see her performing magic to save us all. All she did is going out of control, her ultimate prowess.

At many instances, she relinquished herself to fulfil her promise. The friendship between Saraswati and Ganga was fascinating to read. The knowledge they shared was disapproval between each other but sure, as a reader, it was quite illuminating. They seemed to be perfect sisters.

Ups and Downs

Anuja’s vocabulary and the sequence of writing style were quite astonishing. At first, it was hard for me to get into the story because of the writing style. It was way out of usual mythological telling, but slowly, I started to like this modern way of retelling with powerful phrases to express Ganga’s point of view on feminism and so as to what is love and care. Anuja brilliantly clinched the peak portraying Ganga as a “Constant Goddess”.

A must read novel for those who love to treat themselves with fair and high end vocabulary and language.

Overall, Ganga, The Constant Goddess is a bold retelling of a feminine God who wanders the world at free will and accepts the sinners on her own terms.

Author(s): Anuja Chandramouli
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Release: November 2018
Genre: Fiction/Mythology
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