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We are delighted to have you at our Authors’ Corner !

This is your corner to share your journey as an author and tell us about your book(s). Everything that went behind writing the book. The moments of self doubt to pride to glory. A book can become an excruciatingly long journey of writing, researching & obsessive editing. Followed by the never ending struggle to find the right publisher, exploring ways to make your book visible and finally be able to sell.

Our editors will go through your submitted story and publish it on the website. We believe, your best story will be the one that you pen down yourself.

You may want to start by read some thrilling, refreshing & truly inspiring stories from the Author’s Corner. 

A few questions that you may want to consider while writing about your journey;

You the person, the author.

  • Who you are? Tell us everything that describes you – The person , The author.
  • Do you balance writing with another day job? How do you do it?

Let’s get to know more about your book.

  • What made you write this book?
  • What is the book all about? The genre , the story line or anything that is unique about this book.
  • What do you think readers will love about this book?
  • If you have a body of work, tell us a little more about it. All or some of your books. Your style, stories & genres you deal with, your inspiration in writng.

And finally some words of wisdom, little advice. 

  • Why do you write?
  • Is there a writing schedule you work with & how do you deal with Writer’s block?
  • Your advice to aspiring authors? On Writing , On Publishing, Self Publishing? On Book Marketing?
  • What kind of books & authors have had a profound impact on your writing? Want to talk about some of your favourite books & authors?

A little checklist, before you submit.

  • Make sure your article is at least 500 words and not more than 1000 words.
  • If you have a long story, make it in two parts.
  • Send the article in a word document.
  • And additionally, do attach the following
    • Synopsis/blurb of the latest book,
    • Cover Image of the book(s) (single face only)
    •  A brief bio of not more than 4- 5 lines
    • A nice, smiling profile image for you.
    • Links to your social media profiles

We look forward to have you in our Author’s corner ! 

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