You are now a published author, this could be your first, second or 99th book. But connecting with a new reader is never a passe. After all, gone are the days when authors were almost like a different species, completely immersed in their own world of stories & often leading a solitary writing life !

So here we come, a community of book lovers, who are all set to tell their world about you & your books !

Let’s get started ! This is your corner to share your journey as an author and tell us about your book(s) and the everything that went behind writing. The moments of self doubt to pride to glory. Share your story. Author’s Corner

What next ?  We believe, promoting a book in the traditional way, like any other consumer product may not be a great idea. For authors, a community approach can create genuine engagement around the book and the author stands a greater chance to garner more visibility & word of mouth references . Know more about our unique content – community approach to Book Marketing. 

How it works?  We love to support various aspects of promoting & marketing a book. Blogger outreach / review program & Social Media marketing essentially form the backbone for all our campaigns. And here’s how we make it work. Read more

You are all set for the next big step. Good luck !