Flipkart : From Books to Everything just a tap away

I remember the day when I bought my first book from Flipkart. Nothing beats the excitement of receiving a new book, nicely wrapped & packed. It was no less than a magic for me. A website which I can happily browse during my office hours & simply key in numbers from my brand new debit card & yes a courier arrives in that same week.

From that day (6 years back) to now, when at any given time the lane in front of my building has minimum 2 to 3 delivery vans , bikes & at least a dozen of carton boxes lying in my loft & almost one delivery every week at my doorstep.

In that context, I really don’t remember the last time me & my husband has gone out for grocery shopping. The new house that we recently moved in is fully decorated with things we shopped online during our lunch breaks . Yes and that includes curtains. Undoubtedly one of the toughest thing to buy online. But with couple to exchages that too got sorted !

The next generation is definitely faster to catch up with this trend & for them the shopping starts right from the time they are born. I mean literally. In my case, right from his feeding needs, clothes, shoes, mats, bags and perhaps one of the best inventions of mankind ‘diapers’ were bought online. And that too very frequently. As he is growing up, his collection of toys, cars, books and some of the last minute requirements from his prep school are mostly ordered through various mobile apps during my daily commute to work.

Online shopping today is no longer about convenience, it is rather a necessity and in some cases like ours it is almost a compulsion because of the limited time we have. And popularity of Flipkart & the emergence of this whole new ecosystem of e commerce has literally changed the way we shop, the way we eat , the way we actually plan & live our day to day life.

Everything changes in this world. Nothing & nobody ever remains same. Except for few things like the traffic in the great metropolitan city that I live in & the fiercely competitive workplace I work in. ‘Time’ perhaps is the most precious thing in Mumbai & most people seem to be absolutely living on poverty line with this particular asset.Thanks to Flipkart and all the ecommerce websites that helps us save this most valuable asset of our lives – TIME.

From books to now everything is available, in almost no time & with hardly any effort.

— By @Prankyy : Perpetual dreamer, idealist & like a true bong loves food, adda and giving opinion on every thing. Marketing professional , Founder @Writersmelon


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