When was the last time you did something for the first time?


Remember, the day you left home, the first day at work?

Your first love, and the very special first kiss?

The common thread that runs through all these is the feeling of FREEDOM.

The joy of accomplishing something that you long craved for.

And along with comes a bit of anxiety – is this really happening?

Can I do justice to the trust vested in me? What if I fail?

And like all first time events, There would be that ONE inspiration, who would take you through.

Motivate you to achieve your long-cherished dream – of being a WRITER.

A writer, who stands out in the crowd, touched a chord with the readers.

One who has a story to tell – A simple story, straight from heart, a slice of life!

This is what we started with, when we thought of publishing the first anthology. A collection of stellar short stories by new yet talented writers, selected from hundreds of short stories we received in our annual nationwide writing competition Melonade. Some of our contributors are accidental authors , some are very clear that they want to pursue writing and make it a very important part of who they are. But first times are always special and we were very keen to capture that story about them .

Here’s what some of the contributing authors to the anthology say about their first time in writing –

I had submitted two poems to an online literary magazine and forgot about it. Few months later, I was just doing a random search online and I saw my poem there. The acceptance mail was sitting in my spam box & I was elated but also wanted to smack myself in the head for being so careless – Stuti Chandra 

When I got published after seriously following my passion for four years, the feeling was that of jumping-up-in-air-and-doing-victory-dance… like literally! – Amit Nangia 

For whatever reason, I was approached by a lingerie brand to write a post on their products on my blog. At some point of time my daughter complained about me not being ‘famous’. This may be the first step. – Abhishek Mukherjee 

The first time I saw a writing of mine published in print was a Letter to the Editor, The Hindu. I had expected that would make me a tad popular amongst ladies I knew. On the contrary, the letters (a good number of them) made me popular amongst retired uncles. –  Arijit Ghose

The most unique experience I can think of is the one when I got paid for writing for the first time. I was thrilled when a 300-word article got accepted into an American magazine, but what was more exciting was they had asked for my address! A few weeks later, there came a cheque of $15 with my name printed on it, and that was quite an encouraging experience. – Tnahsin Garg

I remember this little girl saying that I resembled her favourite author (John Green). I have changed and evolved since, then but, that is a constant source of encouragement.  – Uttiya Roy 

This was sometime in class 11 when we had a reading of one of Ruskin Bonds Story, ‘The Boy Who Broke The Bank’. The class was asked to imagine a ‘what happens next’ and complete the story. Mine turned out to be the best and was highly applauded by the teacher and the class. I guess that is what gave me confidence to try writing. – Diptee Raut 

fbcFirst Brush on the Canvas is now available on Amazon, Flipkart and Kindle. It will be great to know that you have picked a copy of this book to show your support and encouragement to these new & very talented writers. 


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