First Brush on the Canvas – Why would readers love reading it !

One month down the line and we are thrilled to see the response to the second edition of – First Brush on the Canvas. Curated from an annual nationwide writing competition – Melonade, this book is a collection of stellar short stories that will bring a little smile, a tear or two and will take you on a emotional joy ride.

Here’s what some of the contributing authors have to say about their stories & why they think readers will definitely love reading them.

It is very difficult to talk about something you have written. To me, they become my children. And you like everything about your child. Don’t you? Not because they are the best, but because it is part of you.This particular story is leaking emotionally throughout. An inhibition looms over which denies closure. In the meantime, the characters stew in a multitude of emotions – anger, hatred, love, jealousy – not saying much but slowly, drifting away from the real issue. – Stuti Chandra 

My stories are based on real true insights which I see around me. It’s true to every college student’s life.A girl from small town moves to a metro city college and gets under peer pressure to lose her virginity. What will she do about it? I hope you want to know. – Amit Nangia 

My story’s fairly different, not the kind of stuff you come across usually. And it’s more about the way it’s written than the plot really. –  Upasana Bhattacharjee

The climax (but that has to be the USP of every short story) and may be one or two jokes. – Abhishek Mukherjee

Frankly my story has lived its time. It was rife with current affairs of the period 2013-14. However, it might enthuse readers with particular interest in being a rebel and complex business structures that have emerged in the last few decades. – Arijit Ghose 

My story is essentially a love story about two young characters, whose relationship has gone awry. I hope a good fraction of readers will be able to relate with it. –  Tnahsin Garg 

I remember walking out of that story and messaging the man that I used to love about it. It was him that inspired it after all. He didn’t reply. This is one of those offerings, made at the altar of love. And I think no story written with love in mind is ever going to fail. – Uttiya Roy 

Tina is a story that will freak you out. So, if you love stories that leave you with a heightened heart beat and are difficult to brush off from you mind, you are going to enjoy it. It isn’t for the weak-hearted though. – Diptee Raut 

Here’s a link to excerpts of all the stories : Melonade Selections.

Almost final cover copy

First Brush on the Canvas is now available on Amazon, Flipkart and Kindle. It will be great to know that you have picked a copy of this book to show your support to these new yet very talented writers. 


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