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Finding Juliet is an amusing read

When you’re young and beginning to grapple with emotions which until now had been unknown to you, it may seem difficult to find your way around them and emerge victorious. Put to test, you then do what seems best – use analytics and reasoning, and by a trial & error method, attempt to deal with it.

Alas, when the heart is naïve and the mind has not quite found its way, logic rarely makes sense, as the protagonist of Finding Juliet finds out.

Arjun is a simple, straightforward guy who believes cupid’s arrow will strike him when the time is right. The arrow strikes him all right. Not once, not twice, but three times. But when he starts to believe that this might be his true love, he finds himself rudely pushed away.

Dejected, he decides to move from Bangalore, in order to put the heartbreaking episodes behind him and seeks strength from his childhood friend, Anjali.

In Hyderabad, Arjun meets Krish – an irresistible flirt, who claims to have deciphered the most complicated species on Earth – Women. Using Arjun’s past experiences as case studies, Krish teaches him the code to understanding them.

And then, Arjun enters a new phase of his life.

Will Arjun also become a flirt like his mentor, or will he manage to find true love? Will his goal of everlasting happiness remain, or change track along the way? Finding Juliet is Arjun’s journey to discover the meaning of life, love, and lust like he has never experienced before.

To be honest, I was skeptical to read this book. When you’re not a young adult anymore, it can seem pointless. Moreover, with a pen name like Toffee, one isn’t quite sure what to expect.

But on second thought, I looked back to when I was in fact at that age, and thus ended up taking a little visit of my own back into time.

The author narrates a love story as seen from the eyes of a young adult male who has just been let out into the world to find his place.

Arjun is an easy-going character, hopelessly in love with the idea of love. Anjali is his staunch pillar of strength who is around to make sure he does not go off the deep end. Krish is the happy-go-lucky flirt who believes he has figured it all out.

Yet, each of them has something that holds them back from reaching out to what they truly desire. In that, the author has done a clean, crisp character sketch.

He writes in simple, clear language which may even attract those who are not regular book readers. I gather this book may turn out to be quite a success with young men who might gain from the experiences described in the story.

The plot keeps a good pace, though it did appear a little rushed at places that called for more emotion. As the story progresses, the author reveals his key to understanding the opposite sex.

Now, as a woman, I often found myself taking offence to his rules of the game. But if I put aside the fact that these rules are developed by a bunch of testosterone driven young men, they can be applied as life rules in an alternate universe.

For example, when Arjun confesses that he would like his first to be an extremely beautiful girl, Krish points out that Tendulkar didn’t play his first test match at Lord’s.

Or, when Arjun is unclear on how to deal with his crush who is clearly dating two men at the same time, Krish explains that just because a goalpost has a goalkeeper, doesn’t mean you can’t score a goal.

Think alternate universe with non-raging hormones and tell me you understand what I mean. These are good rules that can actually help you deal with failure, and strive towards success.

I may be making sense or it could be the adult in me writing out these words. I do sincerely believe that every reader reads the same book differently. Their age and experience go a long way in deciding what impact a writer’s work may have on the reader in them.

If you’re not sure, read without expectation. But be ready to be amused one way or the other.

For all that the boys will learn, girls may end up with an eyeopener on typical behavioral characteristics.

Author: Toffee 
Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Release: January 2017
Genre: Fiction / YA / Romance
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