Fear is the Key – By Juggi Bhasin is crisp, quick and an intriguing thriller! 

Fear is the key - Juggi Bhasin

It is peppered with a cynical taste of fear that sometimes seems shaping into tad ghostly. It will leave you in a state of thinking ‘Is it possible’ or simply wonder on the state of different psychological beings we live with.

The book cover..

..is fascinating enough to turn your head and lure your attention to pick it up. Juggi Bhasin has created a well thought craft which is intense, compelling and slightly implausible. However, one would be satiated with the revelation of the mystery as the final unlocking turns out.

A little peak into the story

Rahul, the young smart CEO of Yummimages is baffled, in despair and lost by his girlfriend/fiancée-to-be Simone’s mysterious and seemingly inexplicable case of disappearance. At first after reading the blurb, one would get into the feel that it’s going to be a ‘find-the-missing-girl’ book who’s gone with the wind. Absolutely gone with no trace left. And then as moving forward, she’s back but how… in

Rahul’s thoughts, in his house through her perfume and on his mirror and everywhere around him like a ghost. Sometimes it gets tad creepy but it’s not a horror one. The poor Rahul is all dressed into an obsession of love to find his love. Suhel, his partner and best friend comes in handy as being a strong support system for Rahul. After the initial night search for Simone ends up in vain, finally the cops enter.

The Haryanvi police guy Kripal is worth a mention. He’s tough but also the one who sparks the humour pill from time to time literally lighting up the atmosphere not for Rahul or Suhel but for the readers. Leading to nowhere to finding Simone, lovelorn Rahul takes matter into his own hands and zero out three low lives suspects- Usman (Simone’s swimming coach), Fredo (a pizza delivery boy) and Dubey (a Zuber taxi driver) with whom Simone had more than one encounters. Amidst all the pandemonium, enters doctor Tanya to help Rahul. She is bold, strong headed and confident in her job. Along with therapy sessions with Tanya, Rahul solely begins his side of investigation based on his facts and theories to narrow down to the real culprit. The pace of the book is fast. The writing is interesting, lucid and smooth.

Writing style

Mr. Bhasin has created his characters with utmost care and detailing which is remarkable.

Be it the leads one or the side characters, the importance and light is shed within the right weightage. The flashing back and forth for

Rahul and Suhel is written well and leaves a mark of a curiosity in reader’s mind. The injection of their backstory has somehow given a touch of justification to their difficult personalities and facets. The twists and turns towards the end are stimulating and enthralling. Rahul’s character is sincere, sceptical as well as deeply vulnerable along with hundreds of shades more.

Suhel is nothing but a loyal pet of Rahul and someone who never got along well with Simone. I was stuck into the logics and putting into the two twos are four.

However, I kept meandering for a while and by the climax I found the key just like all his characters to unlock the mystery of Simone’s disappearance. The whole search leads to a creepy and very different but sort of expected side.

I appreciate the ending. It left a jaw drop face. Also, once you have finished the book, you will wonder and ponder about the whole prologue and few characters. And that’s what a thriller does, leaves you with a little thinking cap.

Fear is the Key is a cold psychological novel – the kind where you wonder if the criminal should be behind bars or spared to live his life again. It will manage to grasp your attention the whole way as it plays with your preconceived notions. It is fairly written with its vim and smarts to keep you hooked till the last page. So, if you have the thriller murder mystery bug, pick it up for sure.

Reviewed by : Shaily Bhargava

Author(s): Juggi Bhasin
Publisher: Penguin India
Release: December 2017
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
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