Father’s Princess — By Ghousia Begum

Rain rain go away
Come again another day
Mrs. Ghousia wants a way
To go to her Father’s place
Rain rain go away…
Crooning this rain song I sat near window. It’s raining. A zephyr through the window replenished my memories with Dad and Rain. I commemorate the days when my dad used to drop me to school on his bicycle and when it rained he used to help me wearing a raincoat. When I was in class III, I was very disappointed at the fact that my friends were making boats and let them sail in water when I was sitting there watching them not knowing how to make a paper boat. Then you empathized and rendered me dad. Finally my paper boat is ready to sail in the streams of rain water in front of my house. I was jumping and clapping watching my boat moving sternly .you rescued me against all odds. Days and years passed by. Your little Princess is someone’s queen now. The day when I moved away from you with my bag and baggage I cried insanely but you didn’t cry dad. Instead you hugged me and said “Dear, nothing to worry. You are always my princess”. And your kiss on my forehead still I feel it. And now your little princess will someday deliver another cute little Angel. Waiting with ecstasy for that moment when my cute little Angel comes to know that her mother is still the princess of her Father.
No one can part us, Dad.
As a sign of mercy from Rain God, a sudden gust of wind blew away all the nimbus and the sky cleared. Finally your princess is ready to go.
Rain rain thank you for making my way… My Dad is waiting for my stay.
Love you Dad.
By Ghousia Begum

B.Pharm graduate , she likes to pen down her thoughts. Aspires to become an author of one of the best selling novesl and is in love with books and writing ! Has published an ebook with the title I THOUGHT YOU WERE MINE in widbook.com.

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