My Father Is A Hero – By Nishant Kaushik

My father is a hero - Nishant Kaushik

mfiahBefore we don any tag of being a mother, father, colleague, son or daughter, we are a human being. It’s a struggle anyway to live in today’s world and I have high words of praise for people who say that their life is going good and it’s easy for them to get along the tide of life. Everybody carries a baggage – past, present, future and most of the time this baggage determines the way we react in the situations and take a decision. Let me remind you that being a parent is not a mean task. You see yourself as two characters in a mirror – one is your own image and the other through your child’s eyes.

A parent would never like to disappoint their child and be portrayed as a failure. Probably that was the reason why Vaibhav never spoke to Nisha about his marriage and what happened to her mother. There are reasons why some incidents are buried and locked in a big chest and you wish that the key gets lost in a deep ocean.

What I liked about the book

In a quest to give the best to Nisha, Vaibhav rejects a work proposal which could have put his career on a high pedestal. His past controls him so much that he gives people a chance to take full advantage of him. Nisha is the epicentre of Vaibhav’s life and he always took calculated decisions. However, various incidents bring him to that edge where he has to go with his heart. And he did not regret that in the end as he was able to bring back the smile on her daughter’s face and the most important her lost confidence.

Pick up this book and you will agree that life is simple and it’s only we mortals who make it complicated.

The father daughter duo are happy in their lives until one day their small little world is shaken up. Things are not the way they were and then the father gets on a mission to bring normalcy back to his kingdom. Nisha did not need any other figure to draw inspiration, she found her real hero in her father!

nishant-kaushikAbout the author:

Nishant Kaushik is the author of six published novels. He also keeps a day job as a business, IT, and something-of-everything consultant in Melbourne. Along his journey as a novelist he has interned as a screenplay consultant, a comic book co-writer, a columnist for journals like Yowoto and Mildred – essentially, he loves experimenting with genres ranging from full-length novels to guest articles. He lives in Australia with his wife and son.

Author: Nishant Kaushik
Publisher: Srishti Publishers and Distributors
Release: January 2016
Genre: Fiction / Contemporary
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Reviewed by: Shikha


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