Fantastic Beasts : The Crimes of Grindelwald

Even though the last Harry Potter movie as was the last Harry Potter book was released years ago, the craze continues to follow his universe around. The happiness and nostalgia associated with the boy wizard’s world never quite died down. In fact, J.K. Rowling herself admitted that it was the undying dedication by her fans that prompted her to take up Fantastic Beasts saga, which we hear is going to be a five-part series following Newt Scamander around!

When it was announce that Fantastic Beasts was in the making, everyone went insane. It had been a world that was loved by children and parents alike, and it was no wonder that everyone wanted to know more about this world.

Two years ago, Eddie Redmayne brought to life the character of Newt Scamander. Who had so far just been the author of Harry’s text book – Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. He returns in this sequel, as loveable as ever claiming he doesn’t ‘do sides’ when the war against Grindelwald was at its peak.

In this installment we also meet the mysterious Leta Lestrange, who had just been mentioned in the passing in the last book. Something that J.K. Rowling has always been a master at. (Philosopher’s Stone casually mentioned Sirius Black but we don’t learn until the Prisoner of Azkaban who he really is and his importance in the story.)

With Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling has proved that she is masterful storyteller. She manages to keep her audience hanging on the edges of their seats. I can still hear the audience I watched movie with, collective gasp at the revelations. The performances delivered by the actors are par excellence. Jude Law as young Dumbledor could set anyone’s heart aflutter and Johnny Depp as Grindelwald is really the icing on the cake. Other new cast joinees have also delivered memorable performances.

Returning members of the cast of Tina (Katherine Waterston), Queenie (Alison Sudol), and Jacob (Dan Fogler) make the movie a memorable watch. But it is Ezra Miller as the unstable Credence who steals the show. Nagini is also introduced in this sequel and we are left to wonder about the past – and if this very character finds her way to Harry Potter later on in life…

Directed by David Yates (who incidentally also directed the final four Harry Potter films), the movie is a visual treat and true to its name, does introduce the audience to quite a few fantastic beasts. All in all, even though this movie wasn’t shot in 3D, it leaves an impact. Maybe I am biased because I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and feel like I owe the books a debt for helping me out from a dark place once – but keeping everything aside, I’d highly recommend watching the movie.

If nothing else, it will at least transport you into a magical Universe where anything can happen and all your problems would look ordinary for those couple of hours.

Author(s): J K Rowling
Publisher: Little, Brown
Release: November 2018
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
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