I am trying my level best to adjust, adjust with the current scenario. Trying my level best to adapt, adapt to the changes in my surroundings.Trying to acquire, acquire the traits that would lead to success. 

Nah.. nothing is as harsh as it seems to be in the first paragraph of this creation. My life includes all the essentials of a normal life. Loving parents, sick friends, a wonderful college life and A DREAM. A dream to play with words and express what is worth. As an engineering student, my work is to study hard, harder, hardest, so that I can get a degree, a good job and finally, a suitable match. But, I want it to be something else. I want to be surrounded by books, incomplete manuscripts of stories, lots and lots of pens to write with and of-course, my laptop to respond to all the pending fan mails.

They say “Life is what you make it. Really..?? I have a dual perspective towards this. That is the only reason some of us have a normal life. On the other hand, NO..!! You cannot always get what you want. My parents are strictly against my dream of becoming a writer. They won’t let me quit engineering for a literature course. Even though i will end up opting for an MBA anyways. Still, here i am writing for this contest ! 

My English teacher in school mentioned once. “But all you got to do is search for a loophole to every problem” . This is my loophole to the problem. I get a lot of satisfaction when I write, and I believe one day my dream will come true ! Thus, if you look at it, I am happy with my work, just because, a thrill follows, every time, I am scared that I might get caught. Four years of the WORK and I will finally get out of this jail. And then, it’s human tendency to do what’s prohibited..!! 😉

However dull my work may seem at times. I LOVE MY WORK..! 

—– Charushi Rupani


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