Exhilarating Death by Upasana Bhattacharjee (Thriller)

Exhilarating Death (an excerpt)

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He looked at everything around him. His head refused to move, and his grey eyes, the only ones who could still boast of an agility to see and understand, to have the strength to do so still, were tired of the water’s persistent efforts to lay them down with spearheads of raindrops. Yet they kept turning around noticing everything they could. So his eyes breathed in the water, the prowess of the water, the almighty water that had taught him to live, and the same water that would take his life.

With the raindrops strangling his light brown hair into shapes and strands inappropriately artistic, he looked back at his life; the bruises and tears and the smiles that had been lost, and returned only when they were escorted by memories. The emotionlessness had become something that shaped him now. He decided he must’ve learnt it someplace. He knew where. It had all started 14 years back.

fbcIt had been the terrace of his place. It was believed to have started with his best friend’s suicide.  Graham had jumped down from the terrace. He’d been standing right there when it happened. He had not moved from where he’d been standing. Not when Graham was in the air, when he could hear the clatter of the people below him on the ground, when he could hear them laugh and scream as if they were enjoying their alacrity. His feet though, they refused to move. Completely. They stood there rigid.
He turned his head and looked at the terrace door. He ran toward it with all his might. He was asleep in his room with his headphones on when his father found him after two hours. They’d been to the hospital.
The cops said it was probably a suicide or “the kid had just slipped his foot”. They couldn’t care less. No one asked Daniel about it, no one had known he was up there when it happened.
Upasana Bhattacharjee
Upasana Bhattacharjee

She’s doing a humanities course (integrated MA) in IIT Madras and likes reading, writing, spacing out and drinking coffee. She likes books, movies and TV shows that make one think. Ambiguity in art is greatly appreciated. When books are well written, that’s a bonus. Enjoys listening to indie rock/pop and classical music

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