Don’t Try To Be The Next Someone, Just Be Yourself

Techie, author, relationship counsellor, mother – not in that order though – Shikha Kumar juggles a lot and manages everything beautifully. Her second book Logically Stupid, That’s Love is out in the stores and she chatted with us recently. 

Having studied Computer Engineering and living a life of Techie Manager for 10 years, I’m one of those who believed and then created a life beyond my cubicle. I’m an accidental author who emerged in a quest for exploring her hidden creativity.

Always admired for my wit and sharp one-liners, I decided to take my cutting humor to the world wrapped in an entertaining package. And from what I see and read around about my work, seems the accident was worth a shot.

Front Cover LSTLAbout the book

This book is a romantic satire at the generation who don’t value what comes easy to them. The USP of the book is the conflict between heart and brain. How today’s generation is getting success and happiness all wrong and how simple it is to make life beautiful. It’s a story of Kartik who’s a slave of his mind and Sahana who sees world with dreamy eyes. How their worlds collide and spark happens but soon evaporates for her being his boss’s daughter. Unlike in an average story where a guy uses such situation to climb the ladder, Kartik opts to let go the idea and is confident about his capabilities. It’s her heart that follows him and waits for years.

Why readers will love the book

I’m very pleased with kind of responses book is churning in media circle, blogger community and primarily for being successful in striking the right chord with readers. Logically Stupid, That’s Love is entertaining readers with its twists, simple language and above all witty conversations between main protagonists. The message intended is also reaching loud and clear. I’m content with the buzz it’s creating around.

Balancing writing with a day job

Well, there are all kinds of days. But then we have nights that offer some ‘Me’ time even on crazy days. So when your characters are desperate enough, you don’t have to worry about such a thing. They do ensure that you stay up all night so as they can meet the world.

When there are folks living inside you bubbling to come out, all balancing seems like clockwork.

Advice to aspiring authors

My only advice will be to be original even if not off-the-league. Don’t try to be next someone but first be yourself. Don’t get disheartened by rejections and struggle ahead. Signing the contract with a publisher is mere the first step, so gear up for the actual battle ahead.

About the author

shikhaShikha has been an IT Manager for 10 years and an accidental author. She writes columns occasionally with DailyO (India Today) and on TOI-Blog, Right Nailed. She also does relationship and student counseling. She’s the first Indian author to record with #Fame and now runs a regular live show there. And above all in addition to being a mother of 5 years old, she has a full-time corporate job. Her first novel He fixed the match, She fixed him is soon to be a motion picture. Feel free to contact her anytime regarding her books or any other way she can help – [email protected]

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Release: January 2016
Genre: Fiction / Romance
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