The Dominant Position Reversal – By Arijit Ghose (Comedy)

The Dominant Position Reversal (an excerpt)

One pleasant December afternoon, I found myself in a taxi slowly trudging through the narrow lanes of Rowland Road heading to Goethe Institute. A seminar on Career in media and the Idea of Democratisation of media was being organised by a School of Journalism from New Delhi to attract students from the city to pursue various courses offered by it. 

The participants in the seminar boasted of celebrated personalities from the Electronic, Print and Radio media and Cinema in the city. With such illustrious names and at the fiery insistence of a zesty cousin who was volunteering there, I decided to attend the event.

Sushobhan Mitter the compere appeared quite methodical in his approach as he right away decided to divide the seminar into two parts, where in the first half the assembled guests will be taking his questions, give their inputs and later take questions from those assembled.

fbcMr. Shiv Prasad of Lord Anjaneya Films entered the conversation and he reminisced about their humble beginning from the sole distributors of Mani Ratnam’s Bombay in Calcutta. Mr Prasad appeared exactly like the conscientious Juror no. 4 (who would not sweat) from the movie “Twelve Angry Men” with his round face, tinted spectacles and most of all looking elegant in a navy blue suit.

“We were pleasantly surprised with our success in film distribution which made us wonder about the Bengali film scenario in the mid-nineties. The nineties were a time when people had written off regional cinema especially Bengali Cinema after the demise of Satyajit Ray. Instead of giving up hope, we decided to rise to the occasion and meet the challenge and lo here we are at the threshold of launching Honduras-ey Hahaakaar (Hullabaloo in Honduras) which is the most expensive Bengali movie till date.”

Suddenly a member from the audience asked,” So what is the estimated budget of the movie? Ten crores?”

Mr Shiv Prasad smiled back,” Ah, the last information I received from my accountant about half an hour back was Rs. 27 crores.”

———————Arijit Ghose————————————————————-

Arijit Ghose Gets enthused by Management Accountancy, Taxation & Corporate Law and Classical Music. Can converse in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Marathi which makes him love the country, its people and culture. Somerset Maugham, RK Narayan, Premchand and Jhumpa Lahiri are his favourite authors.

He can be reached at : [email protected] 

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  1. Honduraas-ey Hahaakaar has the promise of laughter alrite…am interested in now knowing the movie's journey till the end!

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