My diary, my pages never had a lonely day – Says Ronita Maitra Bhandari


When I was a child I used to spend hours watching the sky, the birds and humans. I imagined a lot, I there was a pen and paper, I started to write diary. When I was ten years I asked to write an autobiography on “Banyan tree”, I literally wore an attire of that tree, imagined myself to be on and started to weave words just like a tree. I did not have to force myself to think. It was spontaneous, free flowing and surely I got the first word of appreciation from my favourite teacher.

My diary, my pages never had a lonely day.

I don’t know if I have done justice to the word “Author” but surely I aspire and dream to be one. Whenever I write something I feel the Author inside me acts as the muse, it is free flowing, spontaneous and therapeutic.

I am too lazy that’s my weak point or I always have an excuse of too many entanglements in life so I thought I should start my journey as a short story writer, warm my hands and then take the realplunge of writing an independent book. This is a baby step towards the big and beautiful world of writing.

A short story is unique for sure because with modern lifestyle, time is a constraint.

A short story is a quick pill to many of the readers who are always looking up for a reading corner, a good story, compact characters and surely the best climax is what a short story is all about, it is where it grabs the audience and keeps the avid reader hooked.

The best short story I’ve read is “The Last Leaf” by O.Henry. There are innumerable books can’t name a single but surely a few of my best writers are Somerset Maugham, O.Henry, Jhumpa Lahiri, Khaled Hosseini, Rabindranath Tagore, Mitch Albom, and Ayn Rand and many more. The list is endless

All the above writers with their stories, novels, plays, poetry have mesmerised me, their words, their plot and their invaluable introspection into human characters, psychology, society, perception, human spirits have made me take a bow and here I take the pen with all my passion and love, give my shot, unpretentious from the core of my heart. That’s my life.

About the Author : Writing gives her the strength and acts like a stimulant instantly. She believes, a diary and a pen is a must to hold on to life. A Master’s Degree in English has shaped her thoughts, sprinkled flavours to her creativity and pulled her mind to think and work in a better way. A featured writer in many forums and anthologies, she aims to climb many more heights-in pursuit of happiness, in pursuit of love and in pursuit of life.

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