The Demon Hunter of Chottanikkara

In a small village in Kerala called Chottanikkara, there is a demon, and brahmarakshasas, a mohini pishacha who seduces men and kills them. To protect the villagers, there is a demon hunter called Devi with her accomplice, a lion called Ugra. Will they be able to save the innocent villagers from the cruel demons? You have to read this supernatural thriller to gauge the rest.
Why read this?
Fantasy is the flavour of the season and there’s nothing better than enjoying a blood curdling supernatural thriller with a hot cuppa. We bet you’d love to roam around the village and forests of Kerala with demons lurking around. S V Sujatha has researched a lot about Indian mythology and come up with the tales of all kinds of demonic stuff. We will look forward to each of you readers letting us know how you liked the novel and if the demons scared you to death. Coming up from the house of Aleph Book Company, who have presented amazing variety of books around the year.
About the author:
S. V. Sujatha was born in Madras, the land of filter coffee and elaborate meals and wonderful temples. She is a graduate of the Warwick Writing Programme where she eventually found her calling as a writer and storyteller. She currently lives in the United States of America and is a full-time writer. This is her debut novel, born out of her love for the Mother Goddess and passion for Indian mythology.

Author(s): S V Sujatha
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Release: July 2017
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
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