Top 4 Books To Read — By Author Deepak Kaul

Which book should I read? 

Asking this question, is almost like asking what should I eat? What should I wear? So annoying but mostly pertinent. 

Whatever might be the answer from other side, it only tells one thing about the one asking. And that is, the person is “Hungry” ! Just like us. So, with that constant hunger and anticipation, we ask this question to almost every author. And here’s top 5 picks by Deepak Kaul : An author, a chartered accountant and all set to release his next book with BloodyGoodBooks, called “Corporkshetra”. Yes pretty much like Corporate + Kurukshetra. Will find out more about it soon.

My Family and Other Animals – Gerald Durrell


When the unconventional Durrell family can no longer endure the damp, gray English climate, they do what any sensible family would do: sell their house and relocate to the sunny Greek isle of Corfu

This book captures the innocence of youth in an idyllic setting, and reinforces how we can all live in harmony with nature, a message vital for today’s day and age.  This book was a gift around my 11th or 12th birthday and made me a Gerald Durrell fan for life.  I have read all his books.  This particular book should be read as part of the Corfu Trilogy.

The Great Railway Bazaar – Paul Theroux

ThegreatrailwaybazaarThe quintessential travelogue from the best literary traveller of our generation.  This book was written in the mid 1970s but is still a great read today.  Mr Theroux reprised his journey 30 years later in The Ghost Train to the Eastern Star to see how Asia had changed since his last overland journey.  I have read each and every travel book Mr Theroux has ever released, my favourite being The Tao of Travel.  I have to admit though that I am not a big fan of his fiction writing.

The Constant Gardener – John le Carre.  One of the best from the master of espionage writing.  All his best books have been made into films.  The current critically acclaimed British TV series The Night Manager is based on his book.

I, Claudius – Robert Graves.

I ClauduaOne of the most celebrated novels from undoubtedly the Emperor of historical fiction.  Sublime writing that got me hooked onto the genre, and led me to read other masters such as Conn Iggulden, Robert Harris and Alex Rutherford.

Physically weak and afflicted with stuttering, Claudius is initially despised and dismissed as an idiot. Shunted to the background of imperial affairs by his embarrassed royal family, he becomes a scholar and historian, while palace intrigues and murders surround him. Observing these dramas from beyond the public eye, Claudius escapes the cruelties inflicted on the rest of the royal family by its own members and survives to become emperor of Rome in A.D. 41.

Game of Thrones – George RR Martin

GI came very late to this party and picked up the series (of which this book is the first part), only in 2012.  I read all 5,000 pages written so far in one shot, and re-read them recently.  In my opinion, The Song of Ice and Fire is the best fiction writing ever, fantasy or otherwise.  I am a hard core book purist and believe that the HBO series does not come close to doing justice to the books.

“Summers span decades. Winter can last a lifetime. And the struggle for the Iron Throne has begun.”

#Happyreading !

About the Author: 

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Deepak Kaul is a chartered accountant by profession. Having worked as an international tax consultant for over 20 years, he returned to India in 2012. Have always been very fond of reading, especially after getting into the tax profession.  It was a great foil against reams of stultifying tax law.

Deepak’s new book ,Corpokshetra is a re-creation of the Mahabharata if it were to play out in modern times.  It’s a satire.  A lot of books have been written around the Mahabharata, but have tended to concentrate on either a single character or an event in the epic.  All of these books, however, are still based in the time period the epic unfolded.  I have catapulted the story into the 21st century.

Author: Deepal Kaul
Publisher: BloodyGoodBooks & Westland Ltd.
Release: June 2016
Genre: Fiction
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