Vipul Rawat On Why He Wrote The Book Decoding Interviews: Let’s Get You That Job!

A little about author Vipul Singh Rawat

Growing up I realized, I was always being taught things I didn’t know how to apply in an interview or on-the-job. It bothered me a lot. While pursuing my PG course from Delhi School of Economics, my major project was not on economics, it was not even on marketing, but a research project on Decision Making in Career Choices. It was aimed at understanding why is it so difficult to find a valuable career that is a good fit?

Working as a project manager and heading HR gave me immense exposure to the interviewing process. While it paid well, it wasn’t fulfilling enough. Meanwhile, there were reports coming out every day about the extent of unemployability in business and engineering students. One ASSOCHAM report said that from a research done on 1500 B-schools, 93% students were unemployable.

Why did you write the book Decoding Interviews?

I quit my job soon after and started an interview training company. I also started building extremely precise training material which I would later compile into a book. After 2 years of full-time work, it came through in the form of Decoding Interviews, Let’s Get You That Job! Along with clear and tested directives, this book is full of worksheets after every chapter. Each worksheet gets you one step closer to your goal.

An engineer from a top college, say in automobile engineering, gets paid 8 lakhs working as an engineer and 13 lakhs working as a consultant. Even with strong credentials, skills and academic scores, they struggle to answer the question, why do you want to get into consulting as an analyst and not work as an engineer. Decoding Interviews is a step-wise manual to create a clear and powerful profile for any position you seek to get into.

I spent 2 years of my life, working on material you can immediately use to get the job that you want.

How do you think the readers will benefit from the book?

I extend foreign education consulting services. I wrote Decoding Interviews so that instead of paying me Rs 10,000 for interview training, you can access end-to-end material on it for Rs. 230. I wrote the book so that this precise piece of information reaches a much larger group of people.

I do what I do because it is fulfilling for me to see you get that job. I hope that you make use of this, dear readers.

Accolades for the book

“The book is a must read for all aspiring professionals. It gives lot of insight about what is required by employers. I am sure this masterpiece will give an opportunity to job seekers to do a self-assessment on decoding interviews.” -Akash Narang, Regional General Manager, Wipro GE Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

“A step-wise breakdown of what candidates who ace the interview are doing right.” -Vishal Kathuria, Senior Vice President, Citibank India

“Everything you need to know that could help you in acquiring and growing in your dream job.” -Aman Chouhan, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Heavy Ind-IAPL Group Pvt. Ltd.

About the author:

Vipul Singh Rawat is a former project manager, an HR head, a certified master practitioner in Neuro- linguistic programming (NLP) and the founder of Yugen, an employment excellence academy. Besides training, he consults with organizations to build the right teams and setting KRAs and KPIs for automating processes towards creating a measurable business impact. For group or personal coaching, key-note speeches, business process consulting or any questions or feedback, send in your mails at [email protected].

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Author(s): Vipul Singh Rawat
Publisher: Notion Press
Release: 2018
Genre: Non Fiction/Education
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