Dancer, Patient, Life Coach, Author- Know my story! – By Vidhi Singh Vaide

A new day always brings learning and experiences and so does our new post. Our team loves to talk about new stories, new authors and new inspirations. Today, lets meet a lovely young lady, also our new author in focus- Vidhi Singh Vaide.

As a student in St. Thomas School Mandir Marg I was usually missing from class , but believe me when I tell you I was not bunking. I could easily be found in the auditorium or in an empty classroom working on some extra curricular activity or the other. I had my finger in a number of jars – dramatics, debates, sports, elocution, extempore speaking, and dance. My first love was dancing. I was the happiest during rehearsals. My absence would bother my teachers, and I would get into trouble for ‘biting more than I could chew’. I would put myself in the middle of a quest to attempt to finish everything I was trying to do simultaneously which included my studies apart from other things.. My mother would often get bothered by the number of activities I would involve myself in and by the time I was in the 12th grade, I was made sports captain and was continuing to participate in a number of extra curricular activities even as my pre-boards were only days away. Finally my mother decided to come and speak to my vice – principal and requested her to restrict my extra-curriculars so I could focus on my studies. My vice-principal’s reply was classic and rang true with every word. She said “ if you take her away from all this, she wont be happy and that is when her academics will actually suffer. She has developed a knack to juggle all of this and she is doing well. Let her be, don’t take this away from her.”
I did fairly well in my 12th boards and managed to get myself into the prestigious Hindu College in Delhi University where I started my Hons in Sociology. But Dancing never left my heart, I got selected into the western dance society and continued my love for dancing. I went for intercollege competitions and learnt new forms of dance. The atmosphere was electric and I met so many talented individuals during my three years at college. Post Hindu College I went to Amity University to continue my higher education through a Masters Degree in Advertising and Marketing Management. One year into this course and on the 26th of May 2005 I metamorphosed from a DANCER to a PATIENT!
Becoming a patient is what made me an author and a life coach. Sounds strange?
This journey of self – improvement started for me the same day I met with an accident. It was so severe that even the best doctors in India had given up hope of me ever being able to walk again. My left tibia and fibula( two bones in my leg) were shattered. The doctors called it a severe compound fracture. One operation and six months later, my parents were told that it was possible that their 22 year old daughter who was a state level dancer might never be able to walk without a limp. This news had devastated my family and me. I felt dejected and it seemed like my whole world had come to an end. At that time when all seemed lost, Dr. Deepak Vaide, my father and mentor told me not to give up. He started to help me out with alternative therapies like crystal and pranic healing. Along side this he would spend time with me discussing life and motivating me to be positive and overcome this obstacle like a fighter. He advised me to maintain a journal, told me to write my thoughts, my emotions and questions like – WHY ME?. I had so much time on my hands and nothing much that I could do as I was confined to a bed. I started to maintain an e-journal on my laptop. As I wrote I realized I had so many unanswered questioned about my life. So much I did not understand about myself. The accident was nature’s way to force me to stop running around trying to over achieve on the outside when in reality I was over –compensating for whatever was missing on the inside. With the new treatment and by writing and discussing with my father, in no time I started to feel better. Something had fueled me with a new desire to live and to overcome this challenge!
My recovery astounded everyone, doctors were shocked at the power of positive affirmation and alternative healing. In no time I was back on my feet just like nothing had ever happened. This incident was a turning point in my life. I realized how positive motivation and the right attitude towards life and its challenges could help anyone overcome any sort of situation, no matter how difficult. This new found understanding became the basis of my research. As a life coach I meet with people from different walks of life and after extended confabulations with them help them overcome their predicaments. During my convalescing period it became increasingly clear to me that the emotions I had felt were being experienced by a number of individuals. Just like me they all felt LOST and had unanswered questions about their lives. The need to share this information soon became paramount for me, that is when my personal journal over the years started to take the shape of a book –Truth Behind the Rainbow.
My book ‘Truth behind the Rainbow’ dwells on internal balance and self-improvement, and how we can achieve it by making (as I like to call them) lifestyle and thought-style adjustments. Truth behind the rainbow is not my story, It is everyones. So expect to see yourself in the book. Expect to see your sister, your brother, your friend. Truth behind the rainbow is reality, that is unashamed of itself. Isn’t that what truth is? Unabashed, unapologetic.


If you know that you are struggling with some issues and don’t just want to know the problem but actually have a practical solution to help yourself and those you love, then this is the book for you. It is like a pocket guide to understanding life. It helps you UNLEARN so you can learn again.
Who is a life coach ? You may ask. This term can have a number of interpretations. However, the one that aptly describes me as a coach would be an individual who is able to offer a safe, non-judgmental and comforting environment to anyone who seeks it. I firmly believe that each one of us has the power to change any negative situation around us and for that change to occur instead of looking ‘outside’ for answers we need to look ‘within’. This process of understanding inner power and maximizing it to make my clients feel whole and complete within themselves is what makes me a life coach.
Knowingly and unknowingly all my life’s decisions pointed out to my becoming an author and a life coach. All of my life’s experiences, all the steps I have taken seem so logical now as each one of them have added to my learning in life and what I bring to the table as a coach. It was my destiny to be an Author and a Life Coach. I believe that facilitating growth for those who come in touch with me and simultaneously for myself is my purpose in life. During this period a patron and I both embark on a mutually enriching and empowering journey. We all are born for a reason, my purpose is to be a channel towards self-improvement. May the light guide us all..
So be it!
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