Cycles and Cyclones – Archana Sarat


Boys will be boys but girls need to have better sense in ‘Love’. But did she? May be not.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

The only thing that is worse for an Indian mother than her husband having an affair or her son doing drugs is her daughter falling in love. Matters are not serious if it is her son who is in love; boys will be boys but girls need to have better sense.  I was the class topper. It was a position I held with hard work and pride. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand how a person could be so apathetic to his education. I hated Sid—he represented all that I hate in a person: money, power, laziness and irresponsibility.

Initially, his antics made me miss heartbeats. I would look on, shocked, unable to comprehend his stupidity. Then, slowly, it became a routine and I learned to ignore it. Though I gazed at him greedily, from the corner of my eyes, I pretended as if I didn’t notice him at all. I felt his eyes on me all day. I snubbed him.

In school, I steadily ignored him. At home, I stealthily longed for him.

About the author:

Archana Sarat is a freelance writer and author since the last ten years. She shuttles between Chennai and Mumbai and loves both cities passionately. Her works are published in various popular newspapers and magazines like The Times of India, The Economic Times, The SEBI and Corporate Laws Journal, The CA Newsletter, Me Magazine, the Science Reporter, the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, the Vengeance Anthology, among others. Though a Chartered Accountant by qualification, Archana has decided that she would keep cooking up tales as long as she can get away with it. She lives with her husband and two sons. Her debut novel ‘Birds of Prey’ has just released.

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