On The Trail Of The Black Can Be A Handbook On Corruption

With a war waging in the forefront, the roots of corruption has already had its stronghold on various facets of life. Every political party, culture and democratic nations around the word is affected by corruption. The loopholes in the judiciary system, paves way for the corrupts to lurk into the never ending tunnel, a dark tunnel though.

In the book On The Trail Of The Black,  you will find the reforms, amendments and bills passed by governments to keep a check on the corrupt activities and to curb the culprits.

The book speaks out loud about the individuals who aren’t guilty, but are unfortunately framed as being a corrupt and the years till the judgment is made in his favour, might have tarnished his reputation just because of the cynical manipulation of the fact that all the corruption cases are true.

The Civil Society Organization (CSO) had launched a Zero Rupee Note (ZRN), to highlight the issue at large with the aim to distribute it to the officials who ask for bribe to perform certain jobs and to create a sense of guilt and to make them introspect. The book also outlines the endeavor of some of the leading companies venture to help spread the awareness.

While there are many laws that are being formulated, to reduce corruptions, it is still pertaining at large. The “Demonetization”  in India was of the biggest step taken in the right direction and while it upheavaled the lives of every common man in India, but it did strike right at the heart of  corruption big or small.

The book also outlines most of the scenarios and places where corruption can occur and describes about the actions taken by the government in the course of history to minimize the effect of corruption, with still laws are being formulated by the lawmakers to stop such practices.

Moreover, it also highlights the causes and the issues that hinders the political leaders/high courts/ the Parliament to fame the laws. The important aspect due to which the corruption activities are at par is due to the large amount of money that is involved and the complex process which involves several stages, makes it prone to different kind of corrupt practices.

In the final few chapters, it also brings into the limelight on the biggest scams in India as well as the steps taken against black money, the legal frame work that needs to be in place to stop the practices.

Bibek Debroy and Kishore Arun Desai have made an in-depth analysis on corruption and have covered all the aspects of it existing and that what need to be formed in future and in the meanwhile have also shown how difficult is it to fight corruption and I have very strong reason to believe that it can be a handbook on corruption which translates the complex theories of law making into simpler words for a layman to understand.

Hats off to the authors for their research and efforts put into the making of the book.

Reviewed by : Kishand Chand Swain

Author(s): Bibek Debroy, Kishore Arun Desai
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Release: November 2017
Genre: Non Fiction/Business
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