Corpokshetra — By Deepak Kaul

We all have been fan of Mahabharata and its characters. We have grown seeing it and living it. Ever imagined what would have been battle of Mahabharata if this war happens today? That’s what Author Deepak Kaul has tried to depict in his novel Corpokshetra

corporkshetraCorpokshetra: Mahabharata in the MBA Yug. This book is about the battle of Kurushetra re-imaged to happen in present corporate world hence deriving its name Corpokshetra (Corporate + Kurukshetra). The author has presented this historical epic in an innovative manner and gave a new meaning to it. Empires have turned into corporations, battleground has taken the form of conference rooms and weapons have been replaced by heated arguments. Without shedding a drop of blood, the whole new avatar of Mahabharata covers all the significant events of this epic story with all new modern touch and tadka. With no second thought if the Mahabharata would have happened today it would have happened in a similar way. All characters have been brilliantly mapped to their new corporate roles with chairman and consultants replacing Maharajas and Mantris.

When I started reading this book I was curious to know how the author will relate to the historical events of the biggest epic but the analogy what he has presented is really appreciable.

The book is creative. It gives a wholesome modern and artistic view to all the characters and incidents thus giving a fresh touch to old story.

The book is full of various elements humour, creativity, puns and punches.

All the characters sketches are drawn closely resembling the original Mahabharata. However, I personally like the character of Krishna portrayed as a consultant in this corporate Kurukshetra. At the same time I felt the character of Duryodhana could have been more ferocious and aggressive.

The book is a page turner but a bit lengthy as most of us already know the story. Overall, it gives a whole new perspective to this classic story. Read yourself to explore how Mahabharata will look in this era of Kalyug.

About the author:

Deepak Kaul is a chartered accountant by profession, specialising in international tax. He has over twenty years of work experience, of which twelve were spent overseas in Singapore and USA. Deepak has always been fond of reading; writing is his aspirational hobby and he hopes to pursue it as a vocation.

Author: Deepak Kaul
Publisher: Westland & Bloody Good Books
Release: April 2016
Genre: Fiction / Business
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Reviewed by: Himani Agarwal



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