Contest : Who are you ?

Have you ever wondered “Who you are?” and “Who do you want to be?“ – questions that we often ask .The answer although is not as simple and short as the questions and takes an entire lifetime to answer.But if you are fortunate, you will meet people, go to places and experience things that will help you come closer to the answer. And without any doubt , this book did that to me ! 
Read the full review of – I Am Life — By Shraddha Soni  an edgy , modern day fable of a mystical journey called life !  You can also claim a review copy of this book by sharing your blog links in the comment section here
Knowing yourself is a lifetime project indeed. Self introspection is an on going task , at least for most of us. 

We have something interesting and fun to get you going with it… All you have to do are .. 

Who are you ? – A very short quirky, interesting description about yourself , your personality, likes and dislikes. 
Keep it short and sweet – In less than 200 words, less than 140 characters for twitter. 
Three steps to submit –  
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Please note : Using multiple platforms and different entries by a single participant is encouraged though not mandatory. 
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Last date : 2nd March 
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                   I am Life — By Shraddha Soni is the book “In Focus”.


12 thoughts on “Contest : Who are you ?

  1. Soumya is an alumni of St Stephens College and Delhi School of Economics where he was supposed to have studied Economics.He, however, did not let studies interfere with his education. Currently he earns his daily bhat mach by working for a PSU Insurance company, and lectures for peanuts., He is addicted to the printed word and has been devouring it since learning to read. In whatever time this leaves him he pursues his other passions, family,films,travel,food,trekking,wildlife,music,theater,and occasionally,writing. He has been published earlier in TOI,HT, Express,and other lesser known papers and magazines.He is currently trying to learn the ropes of tech challenged blogging

  2. Who am I? One who takes life seriously or one who love letting her hair loose? Just an ordinary home maker or something more? The questions looms large “Who am I?”

    Life for me is a bag full of surprises. Today it’s fun, tomorrow maybe something serious. I take it in my stride. If fun is what life demands, I let my hair loose (not literally) and play along with it. The child, the imp in me surfaces making it my day. But if it’s something serious, the mature I takes over. I rise up to the occasion and play my role the way life wants me to play. Understanding and adjustment are my soul mates.

    To an outsider I may look serious and reserved. I do I must admit, have some teething problem when talking or interacting with total strangers. But then maybe it’s the cautious me that comes into play. Friends I have aplenty yet even the closest of them cannot touch me to the core. The distance is there. I believe it helps not only me but the other too.

    Now what puts me off, an untidy home or a crumpled dress? No guesses- Both.

  3. 'A little parcel of love' that's me. I don't hate because it only boomerangs. I do fight back remorselessly, smiting the spiteful and don't indulge the inconsequential. I admit defeat when intuitively convinced of error on my part. I follow no thumb rules, just my own path- sometimes even on an impulse. I thank God each day for giving me all that he has,especially my family that never judges me, yet is my fiercest critic. I try to come to terms with my weaknesses; try not to be complacent about my strengths, but each little victory or failiure constantly reminds me of the limits of such endeavour. I love to read on a diverse range of topics and often weave bizarre occurrences from distant worlds into my own imaginative microcosm, that makes my creative – escapist vent.
    Having recently been blessed with the most exquisite love of my life- my beautiful daughter, her three- month old world has become my oyster; my most ardent wish- to be the best mother- friend I can, someone she knows she can fall back on at all times.
    My aims: To be there for all those I love each time they need me and to fulfil my own dream of being a much-read writer someday. Writing and Reading are the oxygen of my life. They are my best shot at conflict resolution and hold out the promise of a deeply spiritual, introspective process called life.

  4. Who am I? The path to discovery is endless and tough. Am I a friend, philosopher and guide? The apple of my eyes believes so. We share even the most insignificant things. She believes blindly in me and my decisions. We talk, we fight yet in the end it’s always my opinion over hers. So what do you say?

    Am I a tough task master? My colleagues are the best judge. Yes, perfection is something I look for but then that can be attained even by patient guidance. But, it’s irresponsible behavior that puts me off. I know I can blow my top off if my patience is stretched to the limit. But with age I am mellowing down. Is it a good sign? Only time and situations will tell.

    Am I a foodie? No not in the true sense. But give me a sweetmeat and I am the last to say, “No” The pizzas, the burgers are a no-no for me; Chaat and bhelpuri bring water to my mouth. I am in every sense a true Indian be it in style, food or dress. Yet, I do admire the western attire provided it suits the wearer. I move with the times.

  5. I have passion for photography and thinking. Yes! Thinking is one of my passions! My dreams are not very uncommon but the way I want to achieve them certainly is! I believe that this nature that surrounds us is all energy. It’s all filled with different forms of energy, the most powerful of them being the energy of LOVE. I believe that anything, no matter how worse, can be cured, solved or corrected with LOVE. The only fact is that very few people realize this reality. So, I’ve decided to spread the message of LOVE & LIGHT throughout this sphere of living forms. I’ve been practicing meditation for over an year and it has helped me realize many things, about ME and MY REALITY where I live in. I’m an optimist who looks at things differently. I’m spiritual, not religious though! If my spirituality guides me towards religion, then I’m religious. But I respect every religion, every language, every tradition, every culture and every creature. And yes, I’m a believer in GOD too. I firmly believe that the invisible matrix of energy that surrounds us and of which we are a part, is GOD Himself. Everyone has his own circle of thoughts, ideas and beliefs and nothing goes wrong as long as done with dedication and positive approach. I try being innovative, thinking deep and thinking new! My perspective towards life is very uncommon. I love to help others and bring them out from the sorrows and addictions of fake world to the real and absolute world. I believe that LIFE IS WHAT WE BELIEVE IT TO BE!

  6. Extraordinary new ideas keep running in my mind all the time.
    I sometimes feel I am difficult to understand.
    I am very careful and cautious.
    If there is a will, there is a way – always determined with never give up attitude.
    I am not angry unless I am provoked.
    I am good at keeping secrets, trustworthy is my synonym.

  7. I am a conversationalist, fan of food, music specialist, passionate writer, TV scholar, typical social media fanatic, explorer and a problem solver.

  8. When he realized that he wasn’t made out for a corporate job, Ritesh Agarwal quit CA and took up writing as a full-time profession. He also enjoys teaching, taking amateurish photographs with his over-expensive camera, penning short stories (when he is not procrastinating, that is) and eating tomatoes at midnight. Having reviewed dozens of books by dozens of authors, he is hoping that someday somebody would review ‘Lovelets’, the anthology in which he finally got published.
    A multi-tasker at heart, he is also planning a career in baby-sitting and story-reading. If you have lots of babies or just wish to indulge in bookish chitchats, you can catch him at Facebook on or toss a friendly email at [email protected] and pray that he replies back.

  9. 18 year old girl started penning down her thoughts when she got to know the reality of her life and the people she used to rely upon..! She may be looks like a 'happy-go-lucky-girl' to you but the fact is she's a lonely soul..! She's a keen interest in solving other's problems,for she doesn't want them to stay without a smile like her.. 🙂 She never smiled from the day she'd faced her family's real face 🙁 but yeah none of her friends ever succeed in knowing the darkness beside her smiley face :/ All she doing presently is living her so-called life,doing Bsc from science stream and ofcourse inking the blank pages of her very own diary 🙂 "

  10. In the twenty-five years of my existence, the only thing I have figured out about myself is that I am a bundle of contradiction. Born as a normal baby, I lost my hearing when I was only two. Being the firstborn, I was remembered as a happy, restless child whenever I used to be held or sung lullabies by my parents. All that changed when I was diagnosed as practically deaf, but with encouragement from my parents I learned to read lips, to love reading, to express myself through creativity, to not take anything for granted, to be thankful for whatever I have in my life.
    In between the suicidal thoughts, the teenage outbursts, the rebelling phases, the broken hearts had also their moments. Contradictory, as I said earlier.
    Do I have flaws? Yes. Do I dream to be flawless? Not really! I wish to learn and do many good and interesting things, not just to tilt the scale reading from 'notoriously naive' to 'worldly wise', but to be someone who has succeeded in making the proverbial 'lemonade' out of her lemons of experiences! Life, for me, is all about finding that right balance which makes one a true 'sharer', instead of just a 'taker' or a 'giver'.

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