Contest: #Rakshasas

For fans of mythology, we have an exciting Twitter chat coming up with Rajiv G. Menon, author of Rakshasas: The Shadow Warriors, the second in the Vedic trilogy, a book that is garnering rave reviews from the book blogging community.

Brush up on your mythology, and come talk with, share your thoughts, and ask all your questions of the author himself.

The Twitter chat is scheduled from 8-9 PM on this Friday, the 24th of August. Put on your thinking caps and join in the fun!

About the book:

Rise, o mighty Rakshasas! The time has come for us to give these warriors of Light a reason to fear the Dark.’

The world is in turmoil. Naraka and his formidable Asura war machine march unhindered across it bringing once great nations to their knees. They have now set their eyes on the ultimate prize — Bharata, the land of the seven rivers. Indra and his Devas struggle to contain this threat, even as they battle their own differences and the temptations of Swarga.

In Bharata, Jayanta, the son of Indra, is the new ruler. Even as he prepares for the Asura invasion, a potent threat is rising in the vast forests of Dandaka. Vidyutkesa — the only survivor of a genocide perpetrated by Jayanta — has journeyed into its heart and made contact with the Order of the Sarpa. An ancient and powerful secret society headed by Queen Manasa. With the blessings of Raksha, the Earth Spirit, the Sarpas transform Vidyutkesa and his companions into supernatural beings called Rakshasas. Their mission: to protect their land, forests, and way of life.

In this second installment of his Vedic Trilogy, Rajiv G. Menon weaves a rich and vibrant tapestry of the epic struggle between earth-worshipping feminine cultures that live in harmony with nature, and the patriarchal forces that seek to tame her.

Author(s): Rajiv G Menon
Publisher: Westland
Release: June 2018
Genre: Mythological Fiction


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