Contest : Never say Never

Nikita Kumar is 25 , unemployed and almost clueless about what to do with her life. At times it does sound easier to list down things you will never do than to create a list of things that you want to. But in both the situations you often end up dancing to the tunes of destiny ! Tired of her life going nowhere, Nikita makes a list of things that she will never do. 

And she vows , 
To never marry for money ;  never doubt her abilities ; never have feelings for an unavailable man ; never stay in a relationship with someone she doesn’t love, never get completely drunk in public and  …. in the same moment as she spots an older lady wearing a bright red velvet churidar kurta . Yuck ! … and there comes another resolution, never wear velvet ! But life seldom goes according to plan and Nikita learns that you should NEVER SAY NEVER

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You were young and you thought you would never indulge in something, 

You were convinced you would never go SHOPPING WITH A LADY

You never imagined yourself doing HOUSE CHORES.

You were AGAINST COMPROMISES, but you did it!

And you DID IT ! 

TELL US :  of those things that YOU THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER DO, but you DID later. 

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Last date to submit : 6th March 

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11 thoughts on “Contest : Never say Never

  1. I thought I'd never compromise my career for my kids, that I would always be a go-getter, that I would always be ahead of the men in my field.

    But, now the kids are here and I find myself taking long breaks from my career, not bothered that the men are sprinting ahead, not concerned about anything other than what my kids are doing and what they would like to eat for dinner!

  2. I never thought I'd cuddle a cat the way I cuddle a dog. No, certainly not. Not after the ill-treatment meted out by that yellow-brown teenage bitchy cat a few years back. She would feed on my leftovers tossed at her but wouldn't let me get up close to her (namaak haraa* >_<). Of course, I did have my revenge when I stalked her for one whole wintry month with a mug of icy water to be poured upon her when she was fast asleep somewhere on the stairs, unwary of my peeping eyes.

    But recently at a Goa beach, I stumbled onto a grey skeletal cat called Misha and she was all friendly and ready to be patted. I fed her and even cuddled her and wanted to do a whole lot more things (but I felt I should reserve a few things for my future wife).

  3. It always happens with most of us. The thing which we try to avoid or think of not doing, later gets done by us. I still remember when I was in teenage I hated all who smoked. The smell that aroused from the rings of cigarettes made me cough and the person smoking was used to be the worst person in this world. Even in my wildest of dreams I have never thought of smoking. But years later, to be precise, as of now, smoking has become a addiction of my life. I know it is bad, it is harmful but ask me, I can give you a million reasons why a smoker needs smoke…

  4. :') I'd had this thing in my mind that whatsoever'd happen I won't sit still,comfortably numb or would tolerate something against my morals!!NEVER! But sometimes time leads you the way you never want to walk on but you have to for someone's sake,thats what happened with me and my life :/
    My,so altruistic and amiable nature,my,so tough and rough attitude gushed off,from my that one sudden moment entered my life.THE MOMENT,HATRED FLOURISHED.
    "My dad started hating me.."
    I was his little girlie but what he had or [has] in his mind is I was or [am] a s***.
    So,that's it,the end of that girl's all qualities,lively nature and all what made her a GOOD GIRL in people's eye πŸ™‚
    I've vowed to never tolerate something inappropriate but this's it,time and almighty was not in my favour,I did tolerate,I do tolerate and will tolerate till the end!!
    What I'd put in my NEVER do's list has been now automatically transferred to my Do's list by the grace of god and time.LUCKY ME -.-

  5. When I was in 11th grade, I was reading notes and preparing for my computer theory exam. It was just so much difficult to remember things. At that time I vowed that I would study anything but I will NEVER ever become a computer engineer in my life. I vowed that I would become any other kind of engineer or be in any other profession but NEVER computers. But I do not know after that things happened and eventually I ended up doing computer engineering.It is a 4 years bachelors degree ( :o) May be it was in my destiny. At present I am a graduate computer engineer. The things that I say I will never do I always end up doing them somehow.

  6. Liked – Followed and Here comes my answer to the question asked – TELL US of those things that YOU THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER DO, but you DID later.

    Lately I’ve been thinking about the things I believe I would never ever do, and how I actually ended up doing at some point in my life.

    Here comes my list of all those things which I never thought I would do but YES I did it πŸ™‚

    1. Got rid of half my wardrobe.

    2. Worked two jobs, six days a week for six months.

    3. Wrote something that people actually read.

    4. Ran a half-marathon.

    5. Shot a gun.

    6. Travelled alone.

    7. Picked relatives from the airport and also dropped them at their hotel.

    8. Signed up for rewards card not just one store but many.

    9. Attended an outdoor music festival all alone

    10. Said I have no regrets

  7. I never thought I'd take part in this competition, but then I saw a tweet, and another one, so here I am doing something I thought I'd never do.

  8. I never thought I would have an arranged marriage. I married a man that my picked for me from Statesman matrimonial column. married for 19 years. a case of accidentally in love!! I never thought I would enjoy cooking. I love it!! I never thought I would teach…I conduct online courses. I could go on and on…never say never…truly.

  9. I have worked as a lecturer of English and really a ruff and tuff kind of girl, who loves to where jeans and all stuff.I never thought I would wear "Ghunghat" and doing "charansparsh " to relatives, but here I am doing that after my arranged marriage, which I'm enjoying a lot. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. If you call me a plain-Jane, I was. If you call me unobtrusive, I was.I was the kind of a girl who never made boys her friends in school.My parents were my true idol. So I was committed to the fact that I will never fall in love with anyone against the will of my parents.But you never know what destiny has for you in its kitty. Half way into my graduation, I met a boy who was my classmate since the first year. But, for two years we hardly talked with each other. And suddenly sparks flew between us and I was totally in love with this guy who belonged to a lower caste, whose family wasn't well off economically and lived hand to mouth. He lived in a place that was surrounded by slums. They had a constant feud with their relatives. Thus, he was no match in any sense whatsoever for me. But they say 'love is blind' and so was mine. With the determination like that of Romeo and Juliet, we said,"We will do the impossible. We will manage everything." Obviously it was not acceptable to my parents. They always wanted the best of everything for their beloved daughter, so how could they compromise on something as important as a life partner. What followed was a high drama, tension, promises to my parents not see him again and heartbreaks. But the worst thing was that I saw my father cry for the first time because for him I was the most ideal daughter and he had never expected such backstabbing from me. Time heals everything. My relation with my parents started improving after they came to know that I am not in touch with him anymore; and when I came out of the obsession for the guy's love, I realized how my parents were right and I was totally wrong. That is when I learnt-you never know what life has to give you so NEVER SAY NEVER!

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