Contest : #MyClingyExp

“Carry two sets of fully charged mobile batteries so you can be in touch with me. Always.” 

“Why aren’t we married yet?”


If you have experienced any of these or other similar clingy experiences with your partner, write a hilarious account to express the clingyness. 

A fictitious account would also do (if you’re too scared of them)! Let’s get on with our clingy experiences to thrall the world.
If you’ve read ‘My Clingy Girlfriend’ by Madhuri Banerjee, you know what we’re talking about.

Prizes : Two gift vouchers worth Rs.500/- each

– Use the hashtag #MyClingyExp with your entries and speak your mind, just pour your heart.
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– No word limit , no other guidelines.
Contest open from 27th May to 15th June.

Enjoy reading..
Take a slice in writing!


25 thoughts on “Contest : #MyClingyExp

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    To cling or not to cling was never a choice
    She did it all the time in action and voice

    'I'll go with you' or 'We'll do this together'
    Even in hot, horrid, and sultry weather

    Even when I was in my own thoughts far away
    She wanted me near her each moment every day

    To cling or not to cling was never a choice
    She did it all the time in action and voice

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  2. @madhuribanerjee @writersmelon @westlandbooks
    When my husband was my boyfriend, I used to be very curious as had no friends and he was the only one. I used to enquire, where are you, why call waiting at night, who is talking at your back etc. One day I was unable to reach him. The phone said switch off. I panicked, thinking may be he avoiding me because I clingy. It was 12 AM night. I called up at his home landline. It rang for several times, nobody picked. Finally his mom did and I asked where is he. She was astonished to hear a girl voice and that too asking for his son at this time of night. He was called from roof, where he was sleeping. He came down running and took up the phone, only to get a stern look from his mother. I enquired why your phone switch off, are you annoyed, he replied as if clenching his teeth, cannot the damn phone have battery low and go off. I felt relieved he was at home. But he did not talk to me the next day as had got a good lecture from his mom that why does his friend, that too a girl, call up at night and be the watchman for his son.

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