Contest : #MangoManhattan

Fun Freedom Friendship .
What would you choose? 
Take your pick and tell us an honest why.

Presenting another fun and crazy contest. #MangoManhattan @Writersmelon.

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16 thoughts on “Contest : #MangoManhattan

  1. Definitely it's friendship for me.
    Friendship=fun+freedom+enjoyment+merry+frolic+masti+everything…. that you like:)
    Nothing can match friends and their support….

  2. To me its all about the money honey, the other too will come wherever you go and anytime but New York is all about a budding quickie soaring career with a money minting job and then after earning enough, life will begin at forty with the other two options then following suit.

  3. Friendship for me. It is that ship which may rock in rough weather yet stays intact. It brings the souls aboard it together and binds them in a camaraderie that lasts a lifetime. Even when one disembarks the ship when the call comes, he/ she lives on in the hearts and memories of the remaining. Fun and freedom are nothing compared to this unique ship- the ship of togetherness, sharing and caring i.e. friendship. It is priceless and immortal.

  4. Friendship, because friends are those who they add fun to our life,they are the one who help us to live happily even in our worst times. They never bound us in any limits. With them we are carefree,you definitely enjoy every moment. With them, we realize what actually 'Freedom' is…Cheers!

  5. offkorse friendship Frndshp is not a big fire which burns all day of life. It is a small lamp that burns till Relations walk lightly into our life & slowly into our heart.

  6. Friendship … IT itself has fun , freedom , love cares and its like another family to us .. with them our life completes .. so cheers to friendship

  7. Freedom… How can I choose anything, if I don't have the freedom to choose it.
    The point is fun and friendship will not even be shadows of what we know them to be, without freedom.
    Freedom first.

  8. For me, friendship is the word! For fun is where friends are…and when the friendship is true, it lets you breathe in your own space and gives the freedom of thoughts, speech actions and reactions! Where true friendship is, fun follows suit!

  9. I would definitely choose freedom- the freedom to pursue the career I want, the freedom to choose who I want to be with and the freedom to enjoy and live my life the way I want to! Everything is worthless without freedom.

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