Contest : #Love Forever #Marriage Never ?

Is there anything that lasts forever? Love ? Marriage ? Well… may be & may be not. Then what about the stories of “Happily ever after”? Do the roses , chocolates, heart shaped balloons, cushions (who the hell discovered them anyways !!) and all those flashy red bla bla bla…. come on specific dates and also have expiry dates? And sooner than later, do the chase , all the mush , and the “honeymoon” period go out of the window to never come back !!
Sailor turned author Vikrant Khanna chooses a very tricky title for his next novel
“Love Lasts Forever” – Only if you don’t marry your love. 
…. and  makes us wonder, what is this ** conditions applied to love & marriage anyways? Is there a rule book for love and a separate one for marriage? 
So tell us people,
What are you feeling now ? Drooling in love or basking in the glory of  marriage.
Tell us what is #Love for you and what surprises #Marriage has brought in to your life

Use any of the two magic words #Love , #Marriage and speak your mind, just pour your heart.

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– No word limit , no other guidelines.
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– Last date – 15th September 2014.

Enjoy reading..
Take a slice in writing!


4 thoughts on “Contest : #Love Forever #Marriage Never ?

  1. #Love for me, right now, is hard work. Hunny & I have been together for 7 years and recently I knew I had to leave. We were making each other miserable. We moved separately and have been trying to work on our relationship with each other since. I didn't leave because I didn't love him, but if someone isn't treating you right you "gots to go". We've talked about #Marraige in the past & recently but I don't know what it would gain us. We're not going to have children, we don't have any intentions of buying a house… what would really be the point?

  2. As for love,

    Love is gleeful,
    But when things fall apart
    love becomes awful.

    Love can make you go crazy,
    the visions around go hazy.

    Love makes you restless
    it’s about being selfless.

    Love is all about being in love!

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