Contest : Join the club – The weight loss club !

Well, we can’t guarantee a weight loss for you, dear reader, but rest assured for a great book this winter! It has the power to relieve from stress and all the mental baggage that weighs down on you.

Devapriya Roy brings together a wonderful novel about relationships and contemporary urban issues. We can give you 5 points on why you should join this club – “The weight loss club” ! 

1.    It has a quirky sense of humour which makes it unputdownable.

2.    There is a mystery element about saadhvi Sandhya which takes the story further and keeps you glued to the book.

3.    Female bonding or sisterhood is in trend these days. You will find all kinds of sisterhood between women of different ages.

4.    The writing is crisp, lucid and flows at an amazingly optimal speed keeping parity with the story.

5.    It isn’t a chick lit, though it may look like one. It’s in the slightly more matured ‘Contemporary Women’ lit genre that is the current buzz in Indian English literature.

Devapriya and Writersmelon have joined hands to share TheWeight Loss Club with the readers. We have three copies up for grabs in this giveaway for ardent readers

For the ladies… 
Do you have a soul sister as a pillar in your life? She might be your sister, friend, colleague, relative or a complete stranger you met on social networking sites – somebody who has stood for you, been with you through thick and thin, soothed you in distress and lent a broad shoulder whenever you needed – someone you have shared your sisterhood with.
For the gentlemen..
Yes we thought, of making this a little gender specific this time. Since the essence of this book is about sisterhood. We want you to take a look at this book too, but  with a different angle. Why ?.. Well you too have women in your life.. don’t you? Sister, Mother, Wife , Friend or may be a neighborhood crush! This is the time to share your love , tell them about it. 

So bibliophiles, just tell us Why do you love “her”?

Rack your brains , write something that will bring a smile something that is heart-warming about how you met her, why you love her and the special bond that you share with her.

Write your answers in the comments section of this post by 10th January , 2014. 

Get on board, share a slice of your life with us! 
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                   The Weight Loss Club — By Devapriya Roy  is the book “In Focus”.


14 thoughts on “Contest : Join the club – The weight loss club !

  1. I do exactly remember it only in 2009 that my best friend Anu and I became close. We got in touch through a magazine. We always wanted to be together, and when we could not be, we were on the calls and chats together. Over the years she had developed into entirely more than just a best friend, she was, is and will remain like a sister to me- my soul sister. She’s the girl I used to call when I need to vent, cry or tell a funny story to. The girl I could go weeks without seeing but when we are together, it’s as though no time has passed. She’s my person. She has the gentlest soul and is one of the most beautiful people I have ever known, in and out. We had a connection that I believe nobody has with anybody, except maybe twins. Those times with Anu though very short, are still very important parts of my life. I often wonder what she would be like if she were alive. I wonder what career goal she would have followed. I wonder if she would have a family of her own. The one thing I do not ever wonder about though is whether we would still be as close. I know, in my head and my heart that we would be just as close if not closer than ever before.

  2. The very few people with whom I can share my secrets, heartaches and random thoughts includes a very special cousin sister. Being seven years elder than me, she has gone through all those moments but thankfully lacks that 'been there, done that' mentality which often can make people appear so cynical! Our closeness grew more when I stepped into that inevitable stage of a troubled teenager. The parent issues, the weight issues, the crushes, the unpleasant touches on the roads, the fights over smallest things that later seemed so funny, messaging each other from late hours of the night till dawn even when we lived only 15 minutes-long walk away from each other. Marriage has given her so many responsibilities and parenthood followed suit, but it never fails to surprise me how she handles everything with that beautiful smile on her face…it's something that at times irks me as how it is humanly possible to smile so jovially in the face of pain and hurt, but so many times it is also one of the most reassuring things in my life.

    I still remember a day which marked the 2nd anniversary of cousin didi's wedding and I gifted her a teddy bear which was almost half as big as her, then within one week she messaged me a very good news and joked about how my present might suit someone else more. The memory of that SMS brings a smile on my face whenever I think about it.

  3. She was my schooldays crush. She was the prettiest girl in the neighborhood. I was the gangly bespectacled nerd who couldn’t believe his luck that she didn’t mind being seen with him. She told me that she liked me because I could make her laugh. I thought that was why I loved her.
    She had gifted me ‘Sunny Days’- the memoir of my idol, Gavaskar. That’s why I thought I loved her.
    The block cricket match was on. An indifferent but enthusiastic player, I was picked as a fast bowler on account of my height. The girls were in a bunch watching from a balcony. She was among them. I had to perform.
    Anxiety to impress made my form disappear, and trying to bowl faster only made it worse. I was sweating profusely. Disaster struck. Sweat and desperate effort made the ball slip from my grip and fly off, and the spectacles fly off my nose and smash on the pitch. This was accompanied by mortifying rolls of laughter from all around, but what killed me were the peals of feminine laughter from up above.
    Then I heard her voice, clearly trilling over the sounds of laughter – “So what! You should watch him play football! He plays itl so well!”
    That’s when I knew why I loved he

  4. Our fathers were school mates and were in touch with each other through various phases of life and then one summer vacation we met too and we got along with each other from the word go. Teaming up together in all games, talking till late in the night, eating in one plate… we looked forward to our meetings. And then we grew up… got married and moved to different cities. Then met one fine day again after ages and it was just the same. Now, we are in constant touch through FB and whatsapp… Hema, , my soul sister, my 2 am friend.

  5. Is the contest still on?
    Anyways, let me share the best part of my life.
    Though i was always surrounded by friends, i never really had any friend whom i can share my very personal feelings, experiences, thoughts or opinions. In the emotionally toughest phase of my life, one friend insisted on knowing the reasons for the change in me. A giggling girl tuning into a sad silent and lost individual. One afternoon, inspite of much apprehension i began to share. Just sharing of what i was going through with a friend who is not judging me, advising me but patiently listening with understanding, made me feel validated and light.
    Venting out, what i was going through, lightened my mind and i could figure out things and events in perspective and it give me a confidence to fight back with the system and circumstances and emerge out a better and emotionally stronger and healthier person. Since than she has become my friend, philosopher and consultant from the smallest insignificant to the seminal things/ events in life. Infact, admist the cloudiest evening of my life,i found a soulmade.

  6. The very first day when I saw her sleep blissfully in the hospital cradle, I just wanted to leave her there.
    I threw tantrums when she arrived home.
    I ran away from home and was not found till evening as a sign of protest.
    These were very few of my reactions exactly 23 years ago. There was hatred and it came because I wanted to be the only child to my parents. I don't think we patched very well in initial few years. It was a slow agonizing phase of rebel and trying to be closer to our parents. But, all the while, she was loving and patient. She was very respectful towards each member of the family. She took my opinion in many cases while even I didnt have enough confidence in them. Very few people show what is true love by making you feel ashamed. I was guilty of how I had treated her over the years. She was the smarter one in the family, still, flaunted my deeds like it made so much difference to the world. It is indeed a rare asset to have your personal consultant, adviser, motivator and friend right under one roof of the same home. I really feel blessed to have my sister beside me. This comment comes from the same person who hated her long back then. God does work in unusual ways.

  7. perpertual , Shubs, Thankyou for sharing you stories . Though we only have 3 copies of this book to giveaway, do check our next featured book, drop a line to grab the first set of review copies. Keep writing!

  8. If I want to write about ‘her’, indisputably out of all girls I have befriended, I will choose Shanmuga Priya to be the person I will want to write about. Well, soon after the sixteen odd years of immense affection fed at home, I am bound to live in college to pursue my engineering. When I longed for my mom at college, I got this girl. She is my best friend, a typical conservative Brahmin girl with lot of dreams buried inside. She is one among the very bold women I have seen in modern times. You define punctuality, loyalty or kindness, she will be a personification of these characteristics. She is one who understands situations and acts accordingly. The maturity that she possesses makes her sound in mind. A very hard worker, an ardent player of Veena, a Carnatic singer, I envy her, her talents at times. It is not about making friends at college, it is about finding someone of your nature who could stand by you all the time, come what may. It is this beautiful impeccable sisterhood feeling that I am blessed with. Everything that happens in my life, the moments of victory and defeat, I share with her and she will be patiently listening to it. She would be the first reader of all my stories as well as the critic who would aid me to improve my performance. When the whole world degrades you, dump you deep inside earth, she’ll be there who would lend her arms, as a source of motivation to make you rise up in life.

  9. I don't believe winning the copy of The weight loss club ! How I wish you could have contacted me through twitter/FB. I have just seen your comment. Is the book still there so that it can be sent to me? I shall email you my address right away.

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