Contest: #Beyond22Yards

If you are looking to test your knowledge in the most loved sport of India, then we’ve got just the contest for you!

Join us this Friday, the 27th of July, for an informative and fun contest based on Sourabh Mukherjee’s latest books, Crime Beyond 22 Yards and Love Beyond 22 Yards, two non-fiction books that will give you the stark truth about crime and love in cricket.

We also have bonus questions on Facebook and Instagram, and answering them correctly gives you the increased chance of winning the contest!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Terms & Conditions :

  1. Follow and tag @sourabhm_ofcl and @writersmelon in all your answers.
  2. Use #Beyond22Yards in all your answers.
  3. There will be 5 questions on Twitter and 2 bonus questions on Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Answer ALL questions correctly to win. The fastest correct answers will be considered for each question.
  5. 3 winners will receive gift vouchers worth Rs. 500 each.
  6. Contest open for residents in Indian only.

About ‘Love Beyond 22 Yards’ :

Bollywood and Cricket, the two religions that unite Indians across the globe. When they come together, the attraction is magnetic. Through the years, heroes on the field have been bowled over by silver screen goddesses. Some of them broke conventions and defied societal norms. Love Beyond 22 Yards is a collection of immortal, true love stories between cricketers and Bollywood divas, who dared to fight against the world for their love.

About ‘Crime Beyond 22 Yards’ :

During the summer of 2000, Delhi Police brought allegations of match-fixing against the South African skipper Hansie Cronje. Though he denied the allegations to start with, Cronje later went on to reveal shocking truths. The confessions of a bookie in India then went on to shake the foundations of valour and gallantry that the game of cricket stands for. Before long, the scandal spread its tentacles all over the world. Crime Beyond 22 Yardsis a fast-paced reality thriller that throws light on the biggest international scandal in the game of cricket, how heroes turned overnight into villains, and how there was tragic redemption at the end of this sordid saga.

Author(s): Sourabh Mukherjee
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Release: June 2018
Genre: Non-fiction


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