Contest : Be Fearless

What is fear?

Fear is our brain’s reaction to a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc.
We all fear many things in life. There are scary people, situations and times when we are all caught unaware. And we all handle our situations in a unique way.In the story too the protagonist is caught unaware in one of the states of helplessness but she plays it and wins over it perfectly.

Tell us about your worst moment of fear, when you almost gave up but next moment you fought it out and came out fearless. What was it that motivated you to overcome your fear? And also how did you response to the physical and emotional danger?

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Top two entries win gift vouchers worth rs. 500.
CONTEST CLOSES : 30th April 2014.

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6 thoughts on “Contest : Be Fearless

  1. So mine is a very strange kind of fear..
    I was just 6 years old(as told by my mother).
    She was working at home and I was playing just outside.
    I do not remember how and why..But I along with my friend went away from home..
    After walking certain distance my friend disappears and I was all alone on the road..
    I was crying but still walking, finally I came accross a familiar road and went to our shop.
    This was probably the worst fear I as well as my mom had..
    Well my observation while travelling, helped me to overcome that thing..:)
    Thank you!

  2. My worst fear was always the night prowler, the thief. As a kid even the slightest of sounds at night would leave me sweating.I would start coughing to attract Dad's attention. Once aware that he was alert I would go off to sleep in peace. As years rolled by and I grew I slowly steeled my mind to overcome this fear. Even today a sound at night might awaken me, But then I just get up walk around fearlessly. Make sure that everything is in order and go off to sleep.I don't know what it is that has helped me outgrow my fear. Is it maturity attained on account of growing in years or the belief in myself and my faculties? Is it the belief that my near ones are there by my side ever willing to protect me or is it my belief in the Almighty and his powers to protect his children? Anyway whatever it is I now know that I am no longer the frightened being that I was several years back. The night prowler no longer has the power to frighten me.

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