Contest : Adding spice to life

When Aditi Mathur Kumar wrote Soldier and Spice, she wanted much and nothing less from her first lit baby… She shares some spicy bites of her creative mindset as she tells us what she aimed for.

•    To Craft a humorous fiction so that it could give the readers their frequent smiles
•    To Make it fast paced… to be finished in one, maybe two sittings.  Unputdownable!
•    To Rule the beaches by making it a lazy Beach read on a Sunny day
•    To Make it an easy going conversation by use of first tense narration
•    To Turn it into a fun read. Wish to call it a chic lit, go ahead as long as you accept that you      loved it.

And the good news is she has been successful in meeting them all in great capacity. Read the book and decide for yourself!


We have quite a number of signed copies from the Author and our bubbly lady wishes to interact with readers and get some real feedback. If you promise us an honest review on your blog, we send you the book right away.

And for those who simply love to read and stack their bookshelves, we also want you to have the book. Before that how about some fun? Yes! you get a chance to tell us something that you have not talked about.

Did Tom Cruise in Top Gun make you swoon?  I am sure he did! 

Tell us about your Defense Crush. It can be a real life man/woman from the Army/Navy/Air Force that you fancy/fancied, or it can be the hotness personified Tom Cruise from Top Gun.


Your Wives/Husbands come from different occupations, what you have to say about them, what keeps your life spicy?

Share a sentence/paragraph in the form of comment below or a blog post for any of the above topics and get home a copy of this Spicy Read!

Lets see who claims it first! Cheers!


 – An initiative to feature notable authors. 
Soldier & Spice: An Army Wife’s Life By Aditi Mathur Kumar is the book “In Focus”.


8 thoughts on “Contest : Adding spice to life

  1. A book about fauji life! Sounds interesting…would love to review!
    As for the fauji crush…takes me back to my school days when the "Take my breath away" song on MTV would make me go Ooooh!And who can forget republic day parade…when one can watch so many handsome hunks together marching in full form!

  2. I have claimed umpteen times that Sharukh Khan does not stir my fancy when it comes to acting, weird isn’t it? But how can deny my first crush on this very man…..long time ago, when I had those piggy tails,T.V. had limited channels and “ crush” was a word which was whispered in ears by friends I felt that peculiar, amusing well likable sensation knocking me every time I saw this “Fauji”…don’t know whether it was part of growing up or those teenage pangs but the man had caught my fancy…denied it, refuted it, rejected those gushing feelings but every time when “Abhimanyu Rai” came on screen, it was those feelings which I realized later was that very word “crush” …The very charm of the character blew me and I recognised “yes this it, “ I am growing….teenage crush had attacked me in that “ FAUJI STYLE.”

  3. Yes I did have a defense crush and currently my life is spicy because of the two men in my life. Oh did I say two men? Well yes, one is my defense colony brought up investment banker husband who likes numbers more than words totally unlike me. And the other one is my cute lill baby boy who refuses to remain lill for long and is growing fast enough to be called a man :).

  4. Your Wife come from different occupations, what you have to say about them, what keeps your life spicy?

    I was a chef and she was into gardening,
    I loved her flowers, she loved my prawn king.

    In the day I used to cook and she used to plant,
    At times we would look out of the windows with head slant.

    At nights, I used to look at her gardens, she used to cook,
    Our life was spicy enough, all it required was occasional look.

  5. I would love to read an Army wife's tale, as I am a Naval wife, daughter and daughter-in-law. I have known my husband since 1979, and we just celebrated our silver wedding anniversary this year 🙂

  6. There is nobody from our family in the forces. Have read and heard so much about the glamour, the smart men, the elegant women, the party culture, the travels and the adventures in the lives of families from the armed forces. I have always been in awe of this 'different' world. Would love to read and know about the Soldier $ Spice, an account straight from the person from the 'battlefield'.

  7. I guess I am pretty late here 🙁 Would have loved to read and review this one! Actually, I wanted to pick up this book since long. For me, there is no connection in the forces and somehow I have always been fascinated by their lives!

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