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A Chartered Accountant turned author writing a novel about entrepreneurship and bromance – Manav Vigg is inspired by confusion and dilemma. 

Who is Manav Vigg?

manav-viggAs a kid, I used look up at the sky,  the moon and the stars and wonder what’s up there. But after growing up, things changed. Guided within the parameters of society, there was a constant need  to define myself. This caused confusion and I chose to explore different fields, from science to accountancy which got me into the corporate world. Then came the latest urge of the nation – Entrepreneurship.

All this left me a bit hollow and I wanted to find my true identity. This urge coupled with the importance of stories in the lives of people made me turn to writing. The excitement, the adventure and the fun to live inside the heads of different characters and evolving stories is pure exhilaration.

Now I feel I am a kid on an adventure. I refuse to grow up. Grown-up life is boring.

As an author, I get attracted towards stories of confusions and dilemma. The constant conflict between what society wants you to be and who you actually are has been the origination of several great stories.

Why do you write? How do you tackle writer’s block?

Writing gives me a lot of joy and helps me make sense of my world. I write stories which I want to live. So at the end even if it does not translate into a film or a novel, at least I have had the joy of living it. 

I write everyday for about 2 hours in the evening. I tackle writer’s block by doing research.

What made you write this book?

I believe confusions and influences make you follow paths which are not meant for you.

That’s what happened with me and others around me. When I talked to people in the corporate sector, I realised that most of them were also going through the same problem. That’s when I knew that my first story would be around confusions and I decided on the title ‘Confused Bastards’ in 2010.

About the book

confused-bastards-front-coverConfused Bastards is about 3 friends and their weird startup. They become the voice of the nation by starting up an online platform where people can upload unabashed, unapologetic videos, venting out their angst against people, politics, bosses, lovers, taboos, or just about anything.

It’s a witty, gritty, fast paced bromance novel. It’s youth centric and the language is colourful as well as easy to read. It touches on the aspirational confusions of today’s youth in a globalised India, specially the current  wave of entrepreneurship .

I believe in Charlie Chaplin’s phrase that ‘Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long shot.’ This story has its elements of comedy and tragedy in this journey of three friends.

You can expect to be both entertained and intrigued while reading this book.

What do you think readers will love about this book?

I believe that common man can remain common and yet strive for the uncommon. That it is legendary just to be a part of the cosmos. There is nothing to prove to anybody.

So, in that respect Confused Bastards is today’s story. On one side it is youthful and lively in its appeal while on the other it’s introspective and meaningful. I think a lot of people specially working professionals and ambitious fresh grads will find resonance with it.

How do you balance writing with a day job?

I am a Chartered Accountant in practice. So, I need to juggle my everyday life between a day job and finding time to write. When I started writing, I used to find it difficult to manage both but over time I developed some techniques to get used to it. One of them was to have a daily time fixed for writing. This over a period of time became a habit. Another was the power of music. Depending on the kind of story I am writing, I listen to some music of that genre. This helps me get into the mood of writing immediately.

Your advice to aspiring writers

On writing: Keep Writing! Human-beings have an insatiable hunger for good stories and I believe that sooner or later every good story finds its way to the people who can consume and relish it.

On Publishing: It’s tough to get your first book published. So, keep at it.

On Self Publishing: I have my doubts on it.

On Marketing: I need tips myself!

Manav’s favourite books 

While in today’s day and age, like everybody else my reading has also gone down. But I do like to pick up a nice fiction book once in a while. For me the most impactful book has been ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho.

Author: Manav Vigg
Publisher: Srishti Publishers and Distributors
Release: September 2016
Genre: Fiction / Contemporary
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