The Colours of Passion Is THE Book To Savour This Holiday Season


The Colours of Passion is a fast-paced crime thriller that keeps the readers on their toes from the very first chapter. A reigning Tollywood actress Hiya Sen gets brutally raped and murdered within a few days of her wedding with the famous industrialist, Manav Chauhan. ACP Agni Mitra is in charge of the case and as he investigates the murder, the readers get introduced to the important characters one by one- Hiya’s husband, Manav Chauhan, her arch-rival, Rituja Bose and her alleged boyfriend, Mayank Kapoor. The readers also get introduced to Manav’s ex-fiancée, Neha and her father Deepak Awasthi who wanted the family friendship to turn into a relationship so that he can strengthen his business.

The author has kept the interactions of ACP Agni Mitra with the characters gripping. The reader sees the murder case from the eyes of the detective and that makes the book a page-turner. The reader will be as impatient as Agni to solve the case and know who the murderer is. The author has kept the chapters short and crispy which maintains the fast pace of the book. Just like the detective, the reader will be equally perplexed after the detective had interrogated all the characters that are suspects.

Sourabh Mukherjee has also skillfully oscillated between the past and present to let the readers have a closer look at the characters, without loosening the grip of the story. The subplot of ACP Agni Mitra and Rituja Bose has also been narrated with deftness. The story gets even more captivating when two more murders make headlines back to back-that of Lakhan, the driver of Manav Chauhan and Hiya’s alleged boyfriend, Mayank Kapoor. As a reader, one would feel restless to know who the murderer is, just like ACP Agni Mitra.

The climax of a crime thriller is of utmost importance and the author gets full points here. After keeping the readers on their toes for so many pages, the author does complete justice in revealing the murderer. The climax is shocking, unpredictable and breathtaking. The epilogue unveils the psychology of the murderer behind the murders and makes the reader feel sympathetic towards both the murderer and the victims. ACP Agni Mitra is the soul of the book whose keen eye and deduction skills are praiseworthy.

By the time the book is over, readers will develop a fondness for the handsome and no-nonsense detective. The glamorous world of movie stars, industrialists, fashion designers and models of Kolkata provide the perfect backdrop. The book explores the dark side of love and passion. It shows how love can often turn a person into a beast. The title does complete justice to the story. The blood-stained knife in the cover with the reflection of Howrah Bridge gives an idea of the ruthless murders in the book.

The writing is lucid. The author seemed to have deliberately used simple words to make the The Colours of Passion a page-turner. People who enjoy reading fast-paced crime thrillers and murder mysteries will enjoy the reading experience. It’s the kind of book one would like to savor, snuggling up in the blanket with a cup of tea.

Reviewed by : Purba Chakraborty

Author(s): Sourabh Mukherjee
Publisher: Readomania
Release: August 2017
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
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