Cheers ! And the winner is…

Yes, title of this post is a complete giveaway of the winning poem, especially for those who have followed this competition closely. Well yes you guessed it right. Jaidev take a bow. Salute to the spirit of your poem and more importantly salute to your completely unusual dream at the age of  46 (if at all that is your real age:) ). 

So ladies and gentleman, AND THE WINNER IS “Bartender” – By Jaidev 
While all the selected 9 entries touched a few chords, 2 of them deserve special mention; 
So take a bow, Runner ups Lost in my thoughts – By Narayanan &  Stories Untold – By Shruti

As they say all roads lead to roam. Everybody we asked around to read the selected entries said that this one deserves to win. Yes both public opinion and expert opinion unanimously declared this as the winning entry. 

Resons ? 
Well, we are not an authority for this craft, but having read a lot of poetry myself I have developed a good judgement of what works and what doesnt. Also thanks to all participants of various contests at writersmelon.We now have a good repository of Poetry Attempts to read here. 

A few intense discussions and loads of poetry screening later, I think I can share a few Words of Wisdom for writing a good poetry here. So let us see if they make sense to you and whether they help you to write better. The next on our words of wisdom series read here

Enjoy reading writersmelon. Take a slice in writing ! 


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