Change Me by Jasmin Waldmann Is A Tale of Transformation

Change Me will take you to the recognition of resurrection. As corny as it sounds, this short yet striking message is at the centre of the idea behind the book. It is self-evident and clear, only to the advantage of a book that focuses on self-development.

In the Prologue of Change Me, titled “Remember…” the author shares quite directly what the book is all about. Jasmin Waldmann uses her experience as a life coach to guide the reader into fulfilling his or her true self.

Change Me: Transform your Body and Mind is segmented into ten chapters. Jasmin Waldmann defines a clear space for her book by setting it apart from other books in the self-help genre. Personality development is at the centre of the discourse narrated in Change Me. However, unlike the usual patterns of self-help books, Change Me does not use the language of non-fiction. Here, every reader is invited to witness life as it unfolds in Amit’s fate. This book proclaims to each reader that there is more to human life than mere fate. An investment banker, Amit Malhotra lives a very comfortable life. There is nothing in his life that makes him realize the real meaning of being alive. But one day a rather insignificant event occurs that jolts him to see a different angle of his own life.

In this new perspective, Amit sees all the shortcoming of his life. He evaluates his own life. His fast-paced life ignores certain areas of his life. This is unearthed by the sudden change in his perspectives. Amit starts a journey of self-discovery and change.

Change Me is a book that forces its readers to transcend their comfort zones and understand the value of changing their failing routines. Renowned life coach and fitness expert, Jasmin Waldmann have a language that arrests the attention of the reader. Jaico Books has prepared Change Me in such a way that important information is provided for a quick glance, in tables.

The cover design carries a call for transformation and a life of joy. The book is printed in weightless bulk paper with a semi-matte finish. The font size is rather small but is readable as the line space allows the eyes to move effortlessly across the page. Needless to say, that Change Me is a book that you could read in your bus stop while travelling in trains, and while standing in long lines.

The prologue of the book is titled “Remember”. The first chapter is “Recognize”. The chapters that follow are, “Realize, Reveal, Repair, Rebuild, replenish, Recover, Rekindle, Refresh, and Resurrect”. Post the postscript of the book a section exists that is titled “Reflect”. The narrative style adapted for the book is not nonfiction. The fictional style of the language and the creative dance of the narrative through the various characters that appear in the story the images are shared with the consciousness of the reader.

Mundane events trigger discussions on life-changing topics. The best part of Change Me is that it is full of good, age-old common-sense and it’s very rare in today’s self-help practice. All the best part is that all of this is told through a story. Through the revelations that Amit encounters, we also see different aspects of our own life. The reader realises, much like Amit that, “I must take chances and not be afraid to fail.”

The talented life coach, Jasmin Waldmann shows great promise as a writer. Her lucid and clear prose makes this a notable success. I would like to recommend this book for those who are interested in finding out the shining side of life that remains hidden from our mundane eyes.

About the author: 

Jasmin Waldmann is a renowned life coach and fitness expert. She is the inventor of Pilardio, a concept that combines Pilates and Cardio and the developer of JaWa Diet.

Author(s): Jasmin Waldmann
Publisher: Jaico
Release: January 2018
Genre: Non Fiction/Personal Development
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