How to Manage Expectations for Underperforming Books

Have you ever heard of the Zune? Haven’t you? I cannot blame you. A precursor of Xbox, the Zune is a portable media player by Microsoft that was discontinued a few years ago. Let me try another question. Have you heard of a book called The Chemist which came out

Books and the Art of Social Media Marketing

If your book is in the editing stage or is even being vetted by agents, I am sure that the term social media presence has been tossed around a few times. Everyone from your youngest nephew to your best friend keeps advising you that as an author, it is important

Developing an Effective Marketing Strategy

Marketing has always been the Achilles heel of most authors. For a new author, it can become really confusing to choose between the different types of marketing and PR avenues. The options by themselves are endless - public relations, blog tours, social media, displays, flyers, ads in newspapers, speaking events,