The Unforgettable Valentine’s Day — By Anusha Judith

Diamonds or Platinum? Will the ring be for her or someone else? Read this heartbreaking story by Anusha Judith for our prompt #RomanticRendezvous on Unreturned Love.  Shanaya was bursting with excitement as she set about preparing for the next day. It was Valentine’s Day and she had been looking forward to

Unreturned Love — By Vinitha Rajan

A postman professes his love to one of the women he delivers letters. What happens next? Read this intelligently crafted little story by Vinitha Rajan for #RomanticRendezvous.  I fell in love with her right hand. Every Tuesday as I pedalled along the red dusty road under the merciless sun I dreamed

It Wasn’t Love — By Vidya Anand

What is beyond love? It is probably just more love! Read this story by Vidya Anand to get a glimpse of more love for #RomanticRendezvous. The hushed up whispers of the house maid and the home nurse from outside her room told her that he had arrived after his business trip. She