Stupid Flocks !

Why do we wait for the claps to begin, Why do we crave for the obscene noise? Why are we so deaf to our own heart,Why do we ignore the silent inside voice?In the process of being Someone, in the journey through the crowdsWe lose what

Some More Caffeine

Hands on the keyboard, Eyes on the f*igging monitorYours truly has a mind that endlessly wandersThe new heights of joblessness and the kingdom of boredomOnce reached can make you do things u earlier did seldomFor me it does a strange thing, it casually makes me wonderHave I turned into a

Why Did He Hate me ?

The shouts, the cries, the fake condolencesThe condemnations, the long speeches, and those sad facesThe helpless kid on the street, the hapless people on the road The crying mother, the wailing wife The ‘breaking