Far away you lie,into the distance ,where your shadow meltsinto the clouds.Carried away by the windssoul caught up in the storm,your shouts which shrilled the skies,have now transformed into a distant melodious rhyme.Don’t pretend they listen,impervious colonies of deaf resides,only signs and alarms they pay heed toones which direct them,drills

You Chained me

The mind sweeps to a distant land.Refuting the chains of barrier.My indolent mind, a stubborn child.Irrefutable, illogicalUnfathomableFlying among the wildernessSwaying amidst the field.Just a vagabondWho said I could be chainedIf only it would not been you.--- Ronita Mitra

Stories Untold

An unshared feelingReeling in the mindAn unwritten textWaiting to be definedAn undone friendshipThat keeps heart pinedAn unspoken wordThat could forge new bondsAn unreciprocated hugThat could turn things aroundAn unsaid apologyWaiting to gain groundAn unsent letterCould give relationships a startAn unshed tearBuried in the depths of the heart An unpacked bagWaiting


The window's rectanglethe books spread outthe room's pleasant& I, in silence!The window stained withimages of us,the books reading letters withnectared-ink,the room colored withmoments named togethernessand silence...T'is silence filled with texture of 'love',love, I found in You!