Animals in the House

I shall confess it in the beginning itself that our family has never been one of those Ideal Animal Care Givers. We have, though, sheltered quite a many and catered to the needs of a range of animals. Our association with this form of social service was perhaps set the


I think it would be very safe to say that after the supreme universal spirit, the next omni present character in everybody’s life is the Boss. From home to office, on the street and off it and underworld to the other world, there is at least one boss everywhere. There

Aye Rickshawale… chaloge?

I was actually searching for new nursery rhymes to sing to my little niece and keep her entertained. At 2 years, she had already grown out of all the ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars’ and ‘Ba Ba Black Sheeps’‘Try something in hindi’, her father suggested.What! Nursery rhymes in hindi?I was not

Long time ago

 Long time ago, I used to be an engineering undergraduate. Since it was not a choice from the heart, I would go to college rather reluctantly. Luckily, the professors in my department also shared the same passion in being reluctant. Though they did show up now and then for their